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Violation is an author and omnipresent lurker in Anon in Equestria 4chan threads, as well as the Skype. Having discovered AiE in early June 2012, he lurked the threads until July, when he first wrote Crippled in Equestria. A lurker to the very core, he does not post unless asked to or has something worthwhile to post and never uses a tripcode.

Violation is characterized as an unreliable writer who's more focused on character interaction, development, and dynamics. He writes when he feels like it, and won't publish anything until he's happy with it. He's received warm reactions to Crippled in Equestria and Behind Blue Eyes, but encourages others to think hard rather than seep praise or scorn.

Violation's true mark is in his furious devotion to sexual innuendo, pitiless remarks, bum leg, and stern literary review (which he loves to do). He sometimes appears offhanded and impatient, though none of it is sincere anger.


Crippled in Equestria (CiE)Edit

Violation's first and current project; CiE follows Anon, who is crippled and requires a cane to get around. The story revolves around Anon's jaded and fatalistic personality, consistently at odds with the positive atmosphere around him. Violation is in the process of starting this up again, as readers kept messaging him about doing more.

Behind Blue Eyes (BBE)Edit

Violation's second story; BBE follows the cloned supersoldier Anonymous, who wears a bulky set of combat armor nicknamed a Terror Suit (inspired by this picture). The story is driven by the completely opposite end of the spectrum Anon sits on related to the ponies of Equestria, and with the help of his AI companion Pearl, Anon slowly begins to settle in.

This story is currently on hold due to writer's block, as well as various other distractions.


Violation (known as Vio or Viola when ViolinAnon is around) keeps cool relationships with the rest of AiE. He likes to let the others frolic in AiE threads, preferring to read and write rather than opening his big mouth. He's collected and open about what he thinks, though he doesn't pursue others vigorously for stimuli. When approached, he's happy to help or speak on any subject, from reviewing to reading.