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Tyko is a writer who began writing My Little Pony fanfiction for the 4chan board of /mlp/, presumably in the early Spring of 2012. After going under as "Anonymous" when posting his first story in a Rainbro thread, he received enough positive reviews that it encouraged him to continue his writing to this day. Notably, the only complaint that he recieved then was that it was "too epically long", foreshadowing his writing style later on. Tyko being only his alias, he is known in reality as [SOPA has removed this for legal purposes].

Having originally been known for creating chapters for his original story "The MLP Chronicles" in such large sections, he was henceforth viewed infamously for his "giant wall of texts". Whether he intentionally wrote such bulky chapters for added effect or not is still a mystery.

Having created one of the many titular stories in /mlp/, he now continues his works on more scaled postings on several different stories.

He claims that Fluttershy is his favorite pony, although he has yet to cast the mare as the main heroine in any of his stories, opting so far for Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

When writing, he claims to enjoy listening to music from game series The Legend of Zelda, namely this song.

He is also a bit of a dick.

This pleases me

The true identity of Tyko.

Story StyleEdit

Setting the considerable size of his original stories aside, Tyko invests humor into his writing with the usage of parodies. This can range from shout outs and references to full blown mockery, ranging from movies, people, video games, and several notable features in popular culture.

He also incorporates several influences from real life into his story, albeit making sure that it does not effect the overall story in a negative way. An example would include his preferences for garden gnomes, in which he introduces as a part of the lawn decor of the main protagonist of The MLP Chronicle, simply known as Anon. While minor details such as this occurs in a common fashion, it is easily believable that any reference given is from something he watched or played.


As of right now, Tyko currently has one full novel finished and two smaller fictions in the works, in which he updates each of the latter approximately once a week.

The MLP Chronicles

Originally made as a story for a "Rainbro Thread" in the /mlp/ board, the initial writing eventually turned into the third chapter of a much larger and dramatically inclined story. Resting at around 450 pages, the tale depicts of a person, humbly known as Anon, thrown into a world that he eventually discovers to be Equestria. In awkward attempts to accustom to life there, he slowly pieces the secrets of this world and how he came into it, all the meanwhile having to thwart mysterious and otherwise parodied villains. He gains a romantic interest with the MLP character Rainbow Dash, as well as several unique bonds with other characters of the plot.

Red Rum Cake

His second main series takes on a more grim style of the previous story, the protagonist being more coincidentially the antagonist. Having lived a life of a hit man and professional "persuasionist", he continues his dark work after he begins his life there. Upon working for the nobles of Equestria, he slowly grows sickened by their own immoral ways of life that they veil under the importance of nobility. Slowly but surely he gathered names and information on each and every pony he could find that was irrefutably guilty of crimes he deemed "unworthy of living on for", and drew a victim once a month to help justice deliver itself. Upon the drawing of the name of a secret serial killer named Pinkie Pie, he realized that they both had intended to kill each other at nearly the same time, and band together to meet each other's goals. This story is currently a work in progress.

Sayonara Zetsubou Stallion

The third series Tyko is currently writing is a direct parody and crossover of My Little Pony and anime Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. A quirky teacher with a mindset centered on despair gets transfered from an unnamed university in Canterlot to the quaint school of Ponyville, where he eventually meets and understands the Cutie Marks Crusaders and each of the classmates, all the meanwhile sharing them with the worthwhile yet pessimistic advice of life.

Epic Flutter GirlEdit

Efg b

Epic Flutter Girl in yet another scenario.

EFG (Previously assumed to be Epic Flutter Guy, only to be revealed the opposite) is the mascot for Tyko's works, often appearing in comic series shortly before a story is posted.

EFG is yet another parody of Epic Fail Guy, an icon from 4chan that made physical errors at the expense of common sense. Even wielding his mask, Tyko's mascot continues the tradition of making classical errors that results in a button being pushed, often ending with the announcement that a "giant wall of text" is incoming.


  • Tyko supposedly possesses a full sized garden gnome in his bedroom, resting on his dresser. Whether this is actually true is yet to be confirmed.
  • He also has made the claim to have heard fellow notable writer Betty Spaghetti's voice via a Skype Call said to have lasted an hour. Neither party can sanction the results of this.
  • The writer has been spending weeks trying to get co-writer and narrator Pale Narratorto voice the Chapter Seven of the MLP Chronicles, which contains nothing but pure clopfiction. Pale Narrator has so far suspended his efforts to do so, stating quite bluntly his refusal to narrate 40 pages of clop. It wasn't until June 4th, 2012 when Pale finally surrendered and narrated one third of the chapter in a maddened frenzy. The likelihood of the rest being narrated is obscured in mystery.