Burning White Temporal RiftEdit

The "Burning White Temporal Rift" trope, wherein said rift opens in Equestria and begins engulfing the surrounding area while throwing something out of itself, began on March 5th, 2012, in "The Awkward Life in Equestria" thread.

Burning White Temporal Rift. Seems Legit.

The rift is generally caused by a paradox involving inconsistencies with Human and Equestrian worlds, and will throw thousands of the missing object into Equestria. Sub-tropes involve things acting differently in a sudden realization of logic, such as Pegasi falling from the sky when they realise they don't have hollow bones, or toilets instantly vanishing when someone realises no one has expectory organs in Equestria.

Jimmies (Rustling of)Edit

Jimmies, plainly known as sprinkles, are a common term of use on image boards. Notably, the rustling of said jimmies, which equates to the user being upset or otherwive emotionally perturbed over an action. The trope has evolved over time to allow a menagerie of jimmie related statements.

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Spaghetti stories offer a plethora of various endings. What they all share in common is social awkwardness causing spaghetti to fall out of one's pockets. A sub-trope would be "Spaghetti Endings", where a writer makes a mock chapter involving climactic actions only to have it end in a spaghetti involved atrocity.

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Spaghetti, the most important food to any Anon's diet.

X is Not My FetishEdit

Origiating from Fetishshy threads, a blunt statement by anon stating that something is not his fetish. Normally, these are directed that the Fluttershy of the story in question when she does something to get Anon's attention. The statement can also be used on other characters and in Anon's own thoughts for comedic appeal or given a proper scenario.

Anon and (Body Part) ConversationsEdit

This was much more common in the older threads, but Anon and X body part conversations were just that; they would usually be short blurbs of conversation between Anon and whatever organ was needed at that time. Usually, they would just concern the brain and the Anon, but some expanded on this, using conversations with legs, arms, etc. to describe the train of thought.