A drawing that PaleNarrator made in celebration of the 200th thread. From Left to Right: SorcAnon, Gadget, Wuten, Tyko, PaleNarrator, Duke of Derpy, Chronicler, BettySpaghetti, Anone Moose, Brainhorn, Tvox


Thread Landmarks are when the Anon in Equestria thread reaches a certain number of threads (100, 200, etc.), and are famous for all of the things that are thrown into the thread by some of the more popular writers. They are usually hyped up by writers, sometimes days or weeks in advance, depending on the thread number at that time.

Thread 100 HighlightsEdit

Thread 100 was a true milestone for the AiE threads. It mainly consisted of Nostagia. Writers were posting the first chapters of their stories. Aether posted Spin The Bottle Chapter One, the story that gave him the so-called title, "King of Clop." Wuten posted the first chapter of Sonic Boom, the story that paved the way for the "King of Spaghetti" himself. Bizzles, along with several anons, posted screen caps of the first "Rainbow Threads" and "Flutter Rapist Threads." Thread 100 was by far, one of the best threads we ever had. Feels were had, sides were destroyed, and Anons got to relive their shitty lives.

Thread 200 HighlightsEdit

Thread 200 occurred on June 5th, 2012, and had many wrap-ups of certain stories, and starts of others.

Chronicler's First "Clop"Edit

Possibly the most well-known part of the thread was Chronicler's "clop" that he wrote to satisfy all of the demands for him to write one. It featured Pinkie Pie being violently mutilated and posessed by a Windigo, and devouring the two baby Cakes siblings. The story received many rustled jimmies, and Chronicler was called a "tryhard" by many for it.

Wuten's Final Sonic Boom ChapterEdit

Wuten posted his final chapter to Sonic Boom in this thread as well; it featured his avatar OC coming to Ponyville and transforming all of the other OCs back into humans, and then sending them back to Earth. After conflict between himself and Sonic Boom, he transforms her and sends her to a plane of existence filled with nothing but spaghetti.

Anon in Equestria Wiki AnnouncementEdit

This thread was the first ever public announcement of this wiki.

Chronicler x Betty ClopEdit

Another popular story that was posted in this thread was the "Chron x Betty Clop", by Albert Reginald. It featured no ponies, but instead a human female named "Betty", a human male named "Chronicler", and an un-named bartender, believed to be a cameo of Wuten due to the mention of "spaghetti" being the "special tonight". The story takes place in an inn, fittingly named the "AiE Inn". The two of them go into a room and Betty reveals a large dragon dildo, before proceeding to have awkward spaghetti butt-sex with Chronicler.

The Duke Proves his InsanityEdit

The Duke of Derpy posted his longest update yet for his "Psychotic Anon in Equestria", where he proved his insanity and niche for gore writing. In the story, Anon devised a punishment for Applejack's rape attempt by travelling her and her family to Canterlot for a courtcase. After breif preceedings, Applejack was knocked out and shackled in her seat, a full head mask that forced her to watch what came next. Anon then proceeded to begin with his punishment, taking a shackled Applebloom and Big Macintosh, and slowly torturing and eventually killing them with a mixture of skin peeling and high powered acids. Needless to say, The Duke of Derpy said he enjoyed his story writing, and claimed he would do it again. God help us all...

Thread 300 HighlightsEdit

On July 19th, 2012, the AiE thread celebrated its 300th thread anniversary. This thread contained many special one-shots made by the writers, as well as bonus chapters for their stories.

Spin the Bottle - Chapter 63Edit

Mandroid, with permission from Aether, posted his Rule-63 genderbended version of Aether's infamous "Spin the Bottle" pilot chapter. It depicted a female Anon in an orgy with all of the stallion versions of the Mane 6, along with Derpy, as it was in the original Spin the Bottle chapter. This also contained an extra, where the female Anon pleasured all five stallions at the same time, while the male versions of Applejack and Fluttershy instead worked on each other.

Anon and the Happy Mask Salesman - Chapter 7.5 Human Twilight x Anon ClopEdit

Wuten posted an extra chapter to his "Anon and the Happy Mask Salesman" series in the thread, where it depicted the scene with a humanized Twilight Sparkle and Anonymous having sex in her library, after she surprised him with a new spell she had come up with. Wuten has stated that while this is not required to be read for continuity with his story, like his other clop and spaghetti, it will most likely be read anyway.

Mr. Friendly in Equestria - Chapter 2Edit

In a continuation of Wuten's and Chronicler's collaboration effort in the 200th thread, Chapter 2 depicts Anonymous six months after the events of the first chapter, as a bartender in Appleloosa. After a conversation with Braeburn about how they "needed" him to buck apples, the Anon retreats back to his home and boards up the doors and windows, in an effort to prevent the events of the previous chapter from happening. However, he is unsuccessful in this endeavor, and the last lines depict the gray pony from before coming in with its synchronus "You need me..." before the chapter ends.

Tvox X BizzlesEdit

RnR66 posted a story of Bizzles being visted by Tvox which leads to them having sex together. The story was inspired and requested by Duke of Derpy in the Skype: Call Chat

Anon Series Sketch GalleryEdit

Creeper Jones posted a series of sketches depicting the spectrum Anons in the collective AiE series. This gallery included the Anons from Lonely Anon, Drury Lane, My Little Anon, Sorcerer Anon, DJ Anon, Spaghetti Sparkle, and Sketch Artist Anon, as his first wave. He continued to take request drawing all the way into thread 301 adding the Anons from Peganonymous in Equestria, Bastinator's Anon in Equestria, Trix of the Trade, Alicorn in Equestria, Change Anon, Violin Anon, and /V/irgin in Equestria, to this gallery.

Thread 400 HighlightsEdit

On September 9th, 2012, the threads reached the 400th landmark. With this, came quite a few different and new stories, and is widely acclaimed as the best landmark thread since the 100th thread.

Thread 500 HighlightsEdit

On November 20th, 2012, the AiE thread reached its 500th thread landmark. There was Spiderman image-spam that was foreshadowed-to a few days before it, however when the spamming began, a janitor stepped up and defended the thread from the bulk of the spam. Between the battling between the janitors and the spammers at the beginning and near-middle of the thread, there were quite a few interesting and entertaining stories, both new and old. Beyond that, this thread was one of the faster landmark threads, going from inception to end in less than 6 hours.

Some of these included:

Pale NarrationsEdit

PaleNarrator, on the premise of getting back to his roots, did live Vocaroo narrations of stories throughout the beginning of the thread.

Mr. Friendly in Equestria - Chapter 4Edit

Wuten posted Chapter 4 of the continuing thread landmark story of "Mr. Friendly in Equestria", leaving off from Chapter 3 where Anonymous was being chased by the creature through the streets of Manehatten.

Living the Good Life - Chapter 16Edit

Written by Aether, this chapter of Living the Good Life mainly focused around Anonymous' complete breakdown, confronting all of the conflict that had been building in his life and letting loose all of his anger at once.

Lulzies' Thread ArtEdit

At the end of the thread, Lulzies dumped a sketch for AiE that he had been working on the past few days, depicting various authors as their representations that they had given him beforehand in a sort of collage-fashion. The entire collage itself spanned four images, and had over 50 different authors depicted over the four images.

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Beyond this, there were also quite a few story reposts for nostalgia's sake, such as Gadget's "Trix of the Trade - Chapter 1".

Thread 600 HighlightsEdit

On February 10th, 2013, AiE reached its 600th thread landmark. There was not quite as much hype as previous landmark threads, and for some authors it creeped up on them, but regardless the thread did get quite a lot of content compared to the threads before it.

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Thread 700 HighlightsEdit

On May 11th, 2013, AiE reached the 700-thread landmark. Again, like the 600th thread, there wasn't quite as much hype for it as previous ones, however it did produce quite a bit of content.

Bolding's "Robot Hell" ParodyEdit

With the help of the voices of Pale, Wuten, HoboWithRPG, Rat, and WizardBot, the writing of Navarone and Crimson-Devil, and the audio editing of MissingNo., Bolding created a vocaroo for the ages, parodying the Futurama song "Robot Hell" to a more fitting theme for the threads, along with a one-shot to accompany it.

In addition to this, a second one-shot was posted not too long after with another parody of "Robot Hell", done by Wuten along with a few female VAs that he had collaborated with (read: asked for vocals from).

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Thread 800 HighlightsEdit

On August 8th, 2013, AiE reached its 800-thread landmark. Things were posted, and CapperGeneral took a screencap of the thread's OP to celebrate.

Wuten's PostsEdit

Over the course of the day, Wuten posted a total of three stories. An update for "Alone", an update for "Lost in Translation", and another new story with a guitarist Anon.

Bolding's PostsEdit

Bolding posted two one-shot stories throughout the thread, entitled "Fine and Dandy Until It's Sandy" and "Birthday Cake".

Anone_Moose's PostsEdit

Moose returned to the thread to post the finished version of a story he had started a long time ago, "The Room".

Auto_Pony's PostsEdit

Auto_Pony posted chapter 13 of his "Changing Lanes" story.

Curious_Anon's PostsEdit

Curious_Anon posted a response to a one-shot request where Lyra goes into Anon's head, trying to fix his insomnia.

Nether's PostsEdit

Nether posted chapter 2 of his "99" story.

Equitech's PostsEdit

Equitech posted number 4 of his "My Little Realities" miniseries, titled "Winter is Coming".

Lulzies' PostsEdit

Lulzies posted responses to one-shot requests, specifically "The rest of the mane 6 walk in on Fluttershy having lunch" and "Anonymous attempts to explain why DnD is fun to Rarity".

LovelyMuffins' PostsEdit

LovelyMuffins posted a continuation to a Derpy one-shot story, depicting how Derpy came to have her derped-eyes.

8th-Sin's PostsEdit

8th-Sin posted a "Moonie and Pinkie" one-shot story. Adorable feels were had.

Creeper Jones' Art PicturesEdit

Creeper Jones, at the end of the thread, posted a total of 21 hand-drawn images of stories that had been requested by authors and Anons alike.

Thread 900Edit

On Friday, January 3rd, 2014, thread 900 was posted. Things happened, I think.