The Skype chat is where many of the writers, narrators, and largely-known community members gather to talk in real-time with each other, to exchange ideas, talk about recent events, and plan new projects.

The chat has one major group, and many more split chatrooms for separate interests and activities. Wuten and Brainhorn are the moderators of the major chatroom, with each smaller sub-group moderating and mediating themselves.

General ChatEdit

This chat is the largest of the chatrooms, holding over 100 different users. This is where the majority of people are brought when asking to be let into the Skype chat. Due to the high volume of people, however, the text chat is primarily not used for calls, and calls are saved for the smaller sub-groups.

Special Interest ChatsEdit

As far as the different sub-groups are concerned, if you ask if one exists, it most likely does. Interests range from Dark Souls, Writing, Tabletop RPGs, and more. If it doesn't exist already, you can make it yourself and more than likely there will be someone interested in joining.