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The Duke (By Pale Narrator)

The Duke of Derpy (Also known as The Duke) is a writer on the imageboard, 4chan, sub-board /mlp/, made famous by the Anon in Equestria threads that had started officially on the 10th of March, 2012. Since then, the threads have grown and the fan base for The Duke has grown exponentially, as have the fan base for the entire thread. On the 5th of February, 2013, The Duke officially left his AiE writing career for good, asking only that people stop bringing up his name in the threads just to cause more shit. (Seriously, that shit gets old jffry)


There is little known about The Duke outside the close knit of writers he congregates with. He originates from Australia, and is regarded as the top tier for Australian AiE writers. He is said to have a shaded past, but in the thread, he chooses not to divulge into it.He is said to be about 6'5" tall with short brown hair and an average build, and sometimes wears glasses. There are 5 known Australian writers, The Duke is the oldest in regards to Anon in Equestria threads, as well as the one of highest regard and honour, though he is humble enough to not mention this alot, prefering to be friendly.

"Insanity is as Psychotic does; And with this, all must be seen. This Duke you see, the writer of feels; Not as sane as he seems. For under the surface, the stories and feels; this man who seems so plain. The minute he unlocks that side of himself; Chaos and Insanity will reign." - These words have been spread through the entirety of the threads, as a warning.


The Duke has been seen to speak to different writers in different senses. He is known to have a close friendship with a small group of writers, including PaleNarrator, Wuten, Anone Moose and Chronicler, quoting them as helping him write his stories and correcting them.

On the other end of the spectrum, The Duke has been seem to antagonise a writer by the name of Betty Spaghetti or more than one occassion. Though this is met with many harsh terms of "GTFO", Betty says she/he finds it funny and considers The Duke a friend in the least.

Known SeriesEdit

He has 3 well know AiE series, some completed, others that are still continuing. These series are:

  • The Trickster and The Harlequin (previously Lokie's Insanity)
  • Psychotic Anon in Equestria
  • Applejack the Ripper (complete)

All his stories can be found on his Pastebin.