Strelnikov-pony, based on a well-known Anon from the threads.

Looking to write your own story? Wonderful! This article should help cover all of the basic things that you should be thinking about before/while writing your story.


What kind of character do you want Anonymous to be? What does he/she like to do? Does he/she embrace being in Equestria, or loathe it? These are all things that writers must consider when starting their own story.


What ponies does Anonymous interact with? Is Fluttershy a rapist, or is she scared of him/her? Does Applejack act as a rapist, or a friend? Rainbro Dash, or Rapebow Dash? Does he/she interact with a background pony instead? How does that pony behave? Keep in mind the norms that people are used to, and then put your own spin on things. Interactions are key when it comes to writing characters.


Do you want your story to be a one-shot, or an ongoing epic? Do you want it to have more action, or focus more on slice-of-life normalcy? Do you want to add clop? This can be fleshed out as time goes on and you write more, but always keep these questions in the back of your head as you write.

Have Fun!Edit

Writing on these threads shouldn't take up all of your time. While it can be time-consuming coming up with things, keep in mind that these are just casual stories used for entertainment. Don't let it consume the rest of your free time!