Stillshotpony is the name of a lurker and occasional poster on the Anon in Equestria threads on 4chan's /mlp/ board.

Stumbling upon the early Rain-bro Dash threads on his first visit to the -pony- board, he quickly grew to like it and decided to join the many writers introducing ideas to each thread.

Once Anon in Equestria was forged, he started more stories, still focusing on the original Rain-bro concepts, but also trying to broaden the scope of his stories.

While he has near five stories currently, they are only the beginnings and he has been inactive in the threads for almost an entire year. He has given no reason as to why he writes so little (Nor was he asked), but he does wish to continue to be a part of the AiE community.


Currently he has 3 stories that have been featured on AiE threads, One that is pastebin only, and a few one-shot stories that consist of nonsensical boredom wrapped up in a few jokes or parodies.

American Monk in EquestriaEdit

This  story focuses around a teenage anon who follows the path of meditation, which has given him a degree of control over his 'chi'. When he becomes lost heading to his home to watch a new episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, he suddenly finds himself in Equestria. Now he has to handle being in the land he saw on TV and protect it using his magically amplified 'chi'.


Stillshotpony's most popular story, it focuses on a particular Anon who worked with the Apple Family, and Applejack, unable to pay him to her liking, offers herself as payment. Unknown to Applejack, This anon like 'em young, and when he reveals this, is thrust into the clutches of fear and self-hate induced by the societly he was brought up in.

  • Note: This is only a request that was not finished by the original writer who took the request.


In this story, Stillshotpony tries to sucessfully write a multi-narrative story, switching between the perspective of Lyra Heartstings and one unlucky Anon. Lyra, sick of being a pushover, has spent the last few years of her life training in Human martial arts, which she learned from an ancient book found by Twilight. When a human appears in town, Lyra veiws it as the perfect opportunity to become the town's hero, and her subsequent humiliation will giver her a hatred for Anon, making her continually atack and provoke him, trying to become the town's hero. Anon, a passive Agressive handyman, is trying to make a life for himself while stopping lyra from killing him.


Stillshotpony released a single part to a Warhammer 40k crossover he thought of, in which the emperor recovers a lost STC, and in a moment of self-relization, realizes that his time is near. So he commands his tech priests to constuct the strongest human being ever, and equip him with the most powerful armor to ever exist. But the Emperor doesn't account for this ultimate being not wanting the life he was made for, and he escapes to Equestria, where he makes friends, and when the Empire comes for him, he needs more than perfection to stop them from terrorizing the land he now calls home.

One ShotsEdit

The few one-shots written by Stillshotpony have been modeled after previously read 'thread bumper' posts, and are suppoose to be used for that purpose, even with his inactivity in the threads.