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Sorcerer-Anon is a writer for the Anon in Equestria thread on 4Chan's /mlp/ board. He is famous for his Warhammer 40k crossover story, "Thousand Son in Equestria", and for the intense action sequences inside it.

Sorcerer-Anon started writing in the thread on May 15th, and cites Shermanator as one of his main inspirations for writing in the thread, though it was an anonymous' story that gave him the final push to start writing. He began with his "Thousand Son in Equestria" story, and has since posted over 60 different pastes.


Thousand Son in EquestriaEdit

His first story, "Thousand Son in Equestria", is a crossover with Warhammer 40k and follows a Thousand Son from the franchise being sent to Equestria. The Chaos Sorcerer is shocked to find himself in a world that knows only peace, in a galaxy that is consumed by War. Has he finally found a safe haven, a world worth protecting instead of burning? To what lengths will he go to keep his new home safe? This story is currently completed, and is available on his Pastebin.

Fool MoonEdit

Sorcerer-Anon's second story, "Fool Moon", follows a thief, hired to steal an artifact of immense and terrible power from a wizard's tower. Upon stealing the artifact, the thief is hurled into Equestria, where he makes the acquaintance of certain white unicorn. Greed and generosity clash between the two, even as they form a lasting friendship. But Anonymous has a secret, one that could threaten not only his budding relationship with Rarity but all of Equestria! Story currently completed, and is available on his Pastebin.

Surface of the SunEdit

Sorcanon's third story, "Surface of the Sun," follows the exploits of an Anon who has been living in Equestria for a year prior to the beginning of the story. Anon has moved from Ponyville to Canterlot in order to seek stable employment and some excitement in his life. During his stay, he accidently has a run-in with the Princess of the Sun, who offers him a mysterious, powerful position as the Royal Butler. Story in progress.