SitOnBooks is a person who sits on books.

And he has no desire to go find a decent chair.

Originally a petty lurker, SoB was hooked by 2011-12 era stories, particularly those by Gadget. Around the end of 2012, when boredom and the end of full time education loomed, he bit the bullet and set up shop.

SitOnBooks updates with random consistency, seemingly unable to just put aside an hour or two to write anything. Despite this, he is easily summoned to the thread by simply uttering his name (or asking when will something update).

Major worksEdit

Claw in Hand (complete)Edit

SoB's debut story. Unsurprisingly, it's gay dragon stuff.

Anon has lived in Ponyville for several years. A chance encounter with Twilight Sparkle revives his social life, ultimately leading him to meet an older adolescant Spike. Through some minor shenanigans and a lot of inner monologuing, the relationship between the human and the dragon begins to grow.

This finally got finished, so quit asking when it will be finished. (Sequel when?)

Treasure Chest (incomplete) Edit

Anon accidentally ends up on the receiving end of an ancient spell, courtesy of meddlesome Purplesmart. It doesn't take long before he finds out he's...changed. His newfound powers do not go unnoticed; Sunbutt and Discord set their sights on him, as well as an old enemy.

Minor worksEdit

Anon Loses His ShitEdit

Memorable for being disgusting and written in a unique manner, this was made on request.

Anon suffers a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that drives him to catalogue and store his stools (and other bodily excretions) in mason jars. That is, until he is discovered by Twilight, leading to an intervention via Ponyville Medical.

What Is LoveEdit

Another request, Anon secures a teaching job and covers for an ill Cheerilee. In order to survive her boisterous class and teach them about love, he turns to song.

Anonymous the Spaghettimancer Edit

Anonymous is a spaghetti-themed wizard. Eh does awkward things and doesn't afraid of anything.

The One True Masterpiece Edit


4 U


Now a wage slave, SitOnBooks comes home late every night to stare at his Steam library and wonder what went wrong.