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RnR66 !!HdaKK1FxUnh


RnR66 is a writer and artist who joined around the second thread of Fetishshy. His inspiration to join was Tsaroman and he dedicated his first story to him. He currently is only using his iPAD until he has another computer or laptop to use.


A Pony (Anon) in (Human) EquestriaEdit

The most popular of his stories is a story having Anonymous as a pony who switched places with the human version of himself. Now he has to find a way to get back home.

Babysitting Anon in EquestriaEdit

What started out as a trollfic became a story of rape and more rape of underage ponies with a message in the end of the series. The idea occured to RnR while talking about fetishes with his current girlfriend.

A Couple in EquestriaEdit

Currently in hiatus until PiE and Babysitting Anon are done, it is a story of a couple who end up in Equestria and learn to deal with their new home with some drama along the road.

Hooves and HandsEdit

A story about an Anon who finds himself in a love triangle leaving him to choose either between Rarity and Applejack. The story is on hiatus until PiE and Babysitting Anon are finished.


An Anon who is desprate to lose his virginity even in a land of ponies. Always hoping to get the deed either done by Applejack or even for science with Twilight but always stopped for some reason either by Fluttershy or by bad luck.

He has other stories on hiatus and tons of shorts and one-shots


RnR interacts with other fellow writers helping out with ideas and such in Skype or in the thread. He always loves to welcome more writers to AiE and wishes he had all the time in the world to read their work.