Rainbow Dash
The Element of Loyalty and Broness, Rainbow Dash

Alt Names:

Rainbro, Dashie


Pony (Pegasus)


Weather Patrol

Most common role:



None known in canon


Rainbow Dash is one of the main 6 ponies in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is the bearer of the Element of Loyalty. Rainbow Dash is the self proclaimed 'Fastest Pony in Equestria,' the only Pony capable of performing the Sonic Rainboom. She has dreams to join the Wonderbolts, but her lack of discipline is the most common reason she hasn't been able to do so.

Common DepictionsEdit

Rainbow Dash was the third pony to be focused on in the Pre-AiE threads on /mlp/ and has a wide variety of depictions in Anon in Equestria stories because of this. While usually fairly similar in shorter works, longer works, especially those who do not use normal Anons, have a wide variety of Rainbow Dash depictions.

Rainbro DashEdit

Rainbro Dash is the most common depiction of Rainbow Dash, used in numerous stories, especially short One shots. Rainbro Dash is depicted as Anonymous' best friend, looking out for him and usually vice versa. Often, Rainbro secretly has feelings for Anonymous, but does not act on them because she is a bro.

More information on "Rainbro Dash" can be found here.

Rapebow DashEdit

Rapebro is the original Rainbow Dash, originating in the Pre-AiE threads. Rapebro, as the name suggests, is attracted to Anonymous and wants to have sex. However, because Anonymous does not want to have sex with her, she uses force to get her way. Rapebro is rarely used anymore, with Rainbro or normal Rainbow Dash being used instead.