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Pike is an author who began writing late in March of 2012. Before that, he was an anonymous and infrequent contributer to both the Apple-Rape and Rain-Bro threads that eventually evolved into 'Anon in Equestria'. Throughout the month of March and April, Pike updated frequently about every day and a half on his main story, 'Survival Anon'. However, after completed the story, recent medical issues have brought his current writing rate to a near halt.

Survival AnonEdit

Pike's first, and finished story, is 'Survival Anon'. Although he never explicity named it himself, it became known as such quickly in the general community. 'Survival Anon' focused on the story of an archery and wilderness expert Anon who finds himself in an Equestria that loathes and hates him for being an omnivore. Throughout the story, Anon fights and struggles against Celestia and her student Twilight as he attempts to survive. Although the story only reached marginal popularity, the character of Survival Anon has made his way into many refrences and crossovers, including Chronicler's 'Elements of Dis-Harmony'.

Current StatusEdit

After completeing 'Survival Anon' as series of unfortunate events brought Pike's writing to a standstill. A medical condition requiring multiple and frequent doctor visits, as well as family travels, has caused him to have very little time to write, and contributed to a severe case of writer's block lasting weeks. However, he is currently nearing recovery, and is continuing progress on his new story: 'Indiana Anon'