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OverlordAnon is an author in the Anon in Equestria threads, having been around since the days of Rainbro and Fetishy, but only having started his own story several months ago after being more-or-less inspired to do so by Sorcereranon's WH40K crossover.

OverlordAnon is most well-known for his "Chosen Undead in Equestria" story, a Dark Souls/MLP crossover. He is also well-known for taking extended periods of time between updates. Sometimes months in-between, a fact he's not particularly proud of. Most of the time.


Chosen Undead in EquestriaEdit

OverlordAnon's first story is Chosen Undead in Equestria; shortened to CUiE most times. CUiE focuses on the Chosen Undead, protagonist from Dark Souls, finding himself mysteriously transported to Equestria by an unknown party after the battle with Lord Gwyn. From there he meets Fluttershy and learns of his predicament in trying to get back to Lordran. The story is still on-going.

The Golden AppleEdit

This second story is an Eris-centric story in the vein of a romantic-comedy/harem. In it Anon accidently awakens Eris from her slumber and must take on the responsibility of looking after the Spirit of Chaos as she re-adjusts to a modern (to her) Equestria. Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Lyra Heartstrings will all have major roles. And the decision to use Eris came about simply because OverlordAnon is a fan of this particular OC. This story is still on-going.


A third story by OverlordAnon in which Anon and Rainbow Dash are an unhappy couple in a toxic relationship. This story, most likely to be a short story compared to CUiE and TGA, chronicles this doomed-to-failure couple as they try and stay in love despite the world and their own actions telling them otherwise. This story is still on-going.

Future StoriesEdit

Currently this stories are loose ideas and thoughts that could very well be the next series of stories for OverlordAnon.

Adventure Anon AKA Beyond the HorizenEdit

A possible long-spanning story about Anon and Scootaloo adventuring through out not just Equestria but the world. Inspiration comes from the WTWEFIC map and will make use of the map itself, but is unconnected to that particular story.

Harmony League of EquestriaEdit

An mash-upverse of both Marvel and DC superheroes, except with ponies. With the likes of Power Jack, BatmAnon, Mint Lantern, DeadPie, and many, many others. Could possibly turn into one massive collabrative work with other AiE writers should OverlordAnon decide to go that route. Nuff said.

Super Robot Wars: PEdit

The name should say it all, people.


OverlordAnon isn't terribly active within the threads themselves. Typically just posting and responding should a question be asked that's related to him or his stories. He is fairly active with the skype chats however, and has some good relations with the writers; particularly Mandroid.