A writer who surfaced during the notorious 'Adulterous Twilight' threads that later evolved into Marital Problems. Often switches between 'mobile workfag' or 'mobile writefag' due to his own incompetence in naming his pastebin, and trying to fix his OCD about shit being accurate and in order.


Hopefully someone will teach this idiot how to properly format wiki entries, but until then, no hope. mobile workfag (never capitalized) has issues with pacing, and as demonstrated in the rushed clop end of the first Adulterous Twilight contributions, no clue on how to give closure to a story. Often times will troll the circlejerk going on in Skype with vore posts. Confirmed to be overly biased towards Pinkie Pie, even though everyone knows pink horse is best horse. Lurks on /k/ shitposting with a trip and generally stirring up the shark tank with pictures of ponies with his guns, when he should be getting off his lazy ass and writing more. Or actually doing his job.

His pastebin is located here.