Actual Photo of Miro (Constantly Changing) !!KZHR4sMzkpo

Miro is a writer and a troll. He loves to samefag in the threads from time to time to possibly either derail the thread or cause mischief. His humour can be considered disturbing

His pastebin

He is part of the Legion of Negroes under codename, "Double O Negro" after a famous Jiggaboo Jones video.

He is known for derailing entire threads just by posting the simplest of things, once he derailed the thread for 50 posts by posting:

>Arrive in Equestria

>Take two Steps

>Die of pony germs

Known for being a beverage to refresh the world during their time of need.

Got trip on AIE threads around #27. Lurked from Flutterrapist. Inspiration: Pike

Finally dead and nothing of value was lost.