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The Miggy Migoroth. (Also known as Miggy) Is one of the more unoticed writers in AiE. He is an Australian Teenager said to live on the east of Australia somewhere.

Joining the threads some time around thread 100, he remained undetected till he left several months later due to personal issues. around this time he be-friended fellow Australian and AiE writer "The Duke of Derpy" whom he teamed up with to write the story "UnderFlank. Tale of Two Ponies" which went unoticed in the threads due to The Miggy Migoroth's reputation for "poor grammar and spelling". (He is Dyslexic.)

He went on to write random one shot stories at request for another month or so before leaving again due to his personal issues.

The Miggy Migoroth can usualy be found on one of the many AiE skype chats which he usualy frequents. But as of late, he has apeard less and less. and is also less inclined to talk.

"ogga booga mother fucker!" -- Miggy