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Mandroid is an author and the unofficial lyricist of the Anon in Equestria threads. He had been lurking the Anon in Equstria threads since the first Rainbro Dash thread, but only worked up the balls to actually post in early May.

He is most notably characterized by his almost religious devotion to ensuring that at least one of his stories is updated every day, sometimes more. (Except Sundays, usually.) He has recieved mixed reactions to the number of chapters his original story Bros in Equestria had taken and the volume of pastes he has in general

Mandroid's most marked mien is his fervent fetish for articulate alliteration. Crafting counted compositions of rhythmical ridiculousness across Anon in Equestria's array of authors.


Bros in EquestriaEdit

Mandroid's first story, posted at the ass end of one night in early May. It features two best friends Anon and Mous being transported into Equestria and adjusting and eventually living their lives there. It currently holds a record in Anon in Equestria for the most number of chapters in a story, evening out at 88. The main story was completed on July 18th, although bonus chapters have been posted with more in the works. Due to the nature of how the story ended, both main characters have become public domain for the use of other Anon in Equestria writers for use in their own stories.

Flanking ManeuversEdit

What started as a non-canon clop chapter of Bros in Equestria as a celebration of a Pastebin milestone turned into a full fledged side story. Taking place in a split timeline from the main Bros in Equestria story, Flanking Maneuvers features Mous and Princess Celestia retaining thier personalities from the original story and moving them to a more sitcom-esque situation. The story features Mous and Celestia being married for an indeterminate amount of time as they live their lives of marital "bliss" by pulling pranks and attempting to anger their spouse for enjoyment. The story is noted for being written partially in Skype, occasional feels, and musical numbers featuring perverted Disney songs.

On-going until Mandroid runs out of ideas.


Helios features Anonymous functioning as Princess Celestia's royal bodyguard in Canterlot and her closest confidant, eventually blossoming into a romance story. Mandroid has stated numerous times that his purpose in this story was to "make Celestia more of a person instead of a plot point".

Currently completed.


His interactions with the threads consisting mainly of only posting or responding to feedback due to his update scheduel, Mandroid is mostly seen in the Skype chat. Mandroid has mostly good to neutral ties to the majority of Anon in Equestria, the strongest of those ties being with OverlordAnon and Redhawk.

Making good songs badEdit

Mandroid is considered the unofficial Anon in Equestria lyricist and has put this to use both in story and out. The most seen result of this duty is usually when Wuten asks (See: Pesters) him to retune the lyrics of a song to be about Anon in Equestria in some way, though he has also done lyrics for other writers.