lurker parking started out as an anon reading stories in the late #50s of the AIE thread. Later about 100 threads later he made a tiny adventure with PonyGone but it didn't go anywhere. He then made an "abomination of a story"-lurker parking and that story is now deleted off his pastebin. Now he makes mediocre stories.

Stories by lurker parking

Bioshock Anon. After being invited to Rapture by a friend he gets dragged into the civil war and accidently blows a hole in the wall and ends up in equestria.

Split personality Anon. This Anon is exactly like Pinkie Pie so he can break the 4th wall and is extremely happy all the time. That also means he has a darker side called Anonymous.

Writefag one shots. He writes a story about a writefag using things that that writefag does. an example is PonyGone and using the term LOVE in the story.

Anon and Vinyls liquid adventure. Anon and Vinyl drink a super alcoholic drink and wake up somewhere. Hilarity ensues.

Lost Odyssey Anon. You are an immortal and was sent over to make sure the portal worked before the others came but it messed up and you got put in a cave for 8,000 years and made a find a friend spell and then end up in equestria.