What this philanthropist does Edit

He is a being of many talents, which he hasn't really shared. His main contributions to society have been "Deathbombs" or bastardizations of other people's hard work. Pale Narrator was the first victim to fall to this fatal finisher move, and many have felt it's purpose since. He also runs an askstumblr for one story of his "Puuchu The Lich Apprentice". On his spare time, lolpuuchu dreams of becoming a bartender for the local AA club. "Hey if they relapse they at least don't have to walk that far." was one such statement.

Famous Qoutes Edit

"Does this make my Deathbomb look big?"

         Asked lolpuuchu to colonel sanders at The Alamo, 2021.

"It's a good thing my mutant power is vaseline waterfalling out of my ass."

         Lolpuuchu's first encounter with Molestia.

Quotes from Celebrities about Lolpuuchu Edit

"Lolpuuchu is one crazy bastard. It's like if Tim Burton and Charlie Sheen fused together Dragonball Z style."

                ~ Confuscious

"Lolpuuchu is one helluva drug."

                ~ Rick James

"That's cocaine Ricky."

                ~ Confuscious.

"Oh shit, you're right. And That girl has some great T&A!"

                ~ Rick James

"Oh damn, she does. Let's get that hoe's number!"

                ~ Confuscious

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