These are the songs that were in The Anon stories

Revelations: Ponya Edit

  1. The Poem of Everyone's Soul/Aria of the Soul from Persona 3 + 4
  2. Mass Destruction from Persona 3
  3. I'll face myself from Persona
  4. The Poem of Everyone's Soul/Aria of the Soul from Persona 3 + 4

She Will Always Be Your Twilight Edit

  1. Shattering Egg of Dreams from Xenogears
  2. Faraway Promise from Xenogears

Turbulence Edit

  1. Solo Menu from Kid Icarus Uprising
  2. The Dog/Online Waiting Training Room from Kid Icarus Uprising
  3. In the Space-Pirate Ship from Kid Icarus Uprising
  4. That First Town from Kid Icarus Uprising
  5. Boss Battle Theme from Kid Icarus Uprising
  6. Little Girl's Theme from Kid Icarus Uprising
  7. Flight Theme ( Dark Pit ) from Kid Icarus Uprising
  8. At the Seafloor Palace from Kid Icarus Uprising
  9. Skyward Destroyed from Kid Icarus Uprising
  10. Chaos Island from Kid Icarus Uprising
  11. Chaos Vortex from Kid Icarus Uprising
  12. Vididi Menu from Kid Icarus Uprising
  13. Magnus' Theme from Kid Icarus Uprising

Purple Haze Edit

  1. Lights Out by Rick Astley
  2. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) by Journey (Mentioned)
  3. I Got You Babe by Sonny and Cher

Welcome to Golden Bell College Edit

  1. Another Song About The Weekend (Acoustic) by A Day To Remember

The Master Cellist Edit

  1. The Cello Song by ThePianoGuys
  2. A thousand Years by Christina Perri
  3. Rolling in the Deep (Piano/Cello Cover) by Adele
  4. Smooth Criminal by 2CELLOS

The Wub That Blinds Edit

  1. Reading For Days by PON3 & The Living Tombstone
  2. Discord (Remix) by Eurobeat Brony
  3. Beyond Her Tomb by Mic+Tomb+Glaze
  4. Crush. Kill. Destroy. Swag. by General Mumble
  5. Awoken by H8 Seed + WoodenToaster
  6. Griffin Village by Autumn
  7. "At Hell's Gate" from Doom
  8. Victory Fanfare from Final Fantasy 7
  9. Sonic Rhyme-Boom (Rap)
  10. One Trick Pony by Jackle App & Mic The Microphone
  12. Bronypalooza (Instrumental Mix)

Pink Symphony Edit

  1. Cantaloupe Island by Brian Bromberg

Passion Edit

  1. Passion from Kingdom Hearts II

The Wub Carries On Edit

  1. Cheetah man II 'C.H.E.E.T.A.H'

Her Guardian Angel Edit

  1. Muse from Advent Rising
  2. Dead Reckoning by Clint Mansell
  3. Shift Faces Tai Lung by Hans Zimmer
  4. Canceling the Apocalypse by Ramin Djawadi

Two Strings Attached Edit

  1. Time of Your Life (Good Riddance) by Green Day
  2. Morning Has Broken
  3. Applejack's Time of Your Life (PMV Vocal Cover )
  4. Time of Your Life (Good Riddance) by Green Day - Epilogue ( Yes this appears twice )
  5. Time of Your Life (Good Riddance) by Green Day - Bonus Chapter ( It appears the third time )

The Twilight Chronicle Edit

  1. The Funeral March of Queen Mary from Clockwork Orange
  2. Somewhere Back in Time by Ascension
  3. Hold Me Up by Zack and Miri
  4. Fearful Odds from Oblivion
  5. The Sun is Dead by Dragonforce

Am I Evil Edit

  1. Intermission by The Protomen
  2. Am I Evil by Diamond Head
  3. Raptor's Veld from Brutal Legend
  4. Kickstart my heart by Motley Crue
  5. I'm A Hex Girl from Scooby Doo and The Witches Ghost
  6. JET BLACK DRESS by Miracle Of Sound
  7. Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift
  9. D Rock City from Panty and Stocking
  10. Shine Like Rainbows from MLP: Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks
  11. Betrayal by Lita Ford
  12. Battery by Metallica S&M
  13. I Am Ur Leader (Rap Cover)
  14. Bring the Noise by Anthrax & Public Enemy
  15. Not Your Kind of People by Garbage
  16. So What by Anti-Nowhere League
  17. Neon Knights by Anthrax
  18. Symptom of the Universe by Black Sabbath
  19. Jealous (I Ain't With It) by Chromeo
  20. Slash Battle Music from Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
  21. Walk by Pantera
  22. Back In The Day by Megadeth
  23. Drunken Lullabies by Flogging Molly
  24. Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith
  25. ROAD RAGE by Miracle Of Sound
  26. Calling from The World Ends With You
  27. Larger Than Life by Jaded Heart
  28. The Prince by Diamond Head
  29. Carnival from FLCL
  30. Metal Meltdown by Judas Priest
  32. Hurt by Nine Inch Nails
  33. Die for Metal by ManOwaR
  34. Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce
  35. You shook me all night long (Acoustic Cover) by AC/DC
  36. The Unforgiven ( Acoustic Cover) by Metallica
  37. Mr. Crowley by Yngwie Malmsteen and Tim Owens
  38. Love Theme from Metal Gear Solid 4
  39. The Man Who Sold The World by David Bowie
  40. Let There Be Rock by AC/DC
  41. Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath
  42. Painkiller by Judas Priest
  43. The Spirit of Radio by Rush

Hope Rides Alone Edit

  1. Funeral For A Son by The Protomen
  2. Intermission by The Protomen
  3. "Ideal of Hope" from Man of Steel
  4. Libera Me From Hell from Gurren Lagann
  5. Thrust Through the Heavens with Your Spirit! from Gurren Lagann
  6. Gekko-Go from Eureka seveN

Aces High Edit

  1. Yellow Line from REDLINE
  2. Get Lucky by Daft Punk ft. Pharrall Williams and Nile Rodgers
  3. Diddy's Jet Pack from Donkey Kong 64
  4. Aces High 8-bit by Iron Maiden
  5. Concept of Love from Jet Set Radio Future
  6. Land of the Sky/Land of Darkness from Sonic the Movie
  7. The Hellion by Judas Priest
  8. The Distance by Cake
  9. Land of the Sky/Land of Darkness by Sonic the Movie (This appears Twice)
  10. Fuel by Metallica
  11. Panama by Van Halen
  12. Let Me Hit It by Sporty-O
  13. Bass Cannon by Flux Pavilion
  14. Shine a Light (Flight Facilities Remix) from Grand Theft Auto 5
  15. Come And Get Your Love by Redbone
  16. Danger Zone by The Protomen
  17. High Speed Dirt by Megadeth
  18. Ring of Fire by DragonForce
  19. Ain't Talkin' Bout Love by Van Halen
  20. Mute City's Theme from F-Zero GX
  21. Aces High by Iron Maiden

Bros in Equestria Edit

  1. Advice by The Pillows
  2. Digimon Run Around by Jasan Radford
  3. Row Row Fight the Power! from Gurren Lagann
  4. Returns a King from 300
  5. Water from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
  6. Montage from Team America
  7. Judge Capsule Dropping from Zoids New Century Zero
  8. Here Comes The Sun by The Beetles
  9. Tank from Cowboy Bebop
  10. Theme of Loneliness from Skies of Arcadia
  11. Theme of Reflection from Skies of Arcadia
  12. To Zanarkand from Final Fantasy X
  14. Aerith's Theme from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
  15. Sign from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
  16. Chozo Ghost Battle from Metroid Prime
  17. Drebin 893 from Metal Gear Solid 4
  18. Sudden Death by Megadeth
  19. Public Enemy No.1 by Megadeth
  20. The Pink Panther Theme Song
  21. Space Pirates Battle from Metroid Prime
  22. Millions of Me from Kamen Rider Black and Black RX
  23. Unbreakable Theme Song
  24. Reflection Of Elijah from Unbreakable
  25. Love Conservative from Gurren Lagann
  26. Materia from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
  27. I Believe in miracles by Hot Chocolate
  28. Love Theme from Metal Gear Solid 4
  29. Too Drunk to Fuck by Dead Kennedys
  30. Peace Walker from Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
  31. She Wolf by Megadeth
  32. Rap is The Soul of a Man! from Gurren Lagann
  33. Goodbye Horses by Q Lazzarus
  34. I'm The Man by Anthrax
  35. Tifa's Theme (Piano Version) from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
  36. Days and Month are the Travellers of Eternity from Gurren Lagann
  37. Is it Okay to Burn with Passion from Gurren Lagann
  38. Spinning Spinning Spinniiiing from Gurren Lagann
  39. Tromble! from SRW OG's
  40. Burning Finger Theme from G Gundam
  41. Augie's Great Municipal Band from Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace
  42. Eternal Snow by Emotional Music
  43. What Are You Asking Me from The Village
  44. Never Get Old by David Bowie
  45. Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO
  46. Star Wars Throne Room Theme Song
  47. Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal
  48. Got The Time by Joe Jackson
  49. Dead Island Trailer Music
  50. Swimming Pool by Freezepop
  51. My Body is a Cage (Oxford London Temple Version) by Peter Gabriel
  52. NO FUTURE ( Instrumental ) from Zoids New Century Zero
  53. Painful History (Hanako's Theme) from Katawa Shoujo
  54. My Body is a Cage by Arcade Fire
  55. Head Crusher by Megadeth
  56. Forget Your Troubles Come On Get Happy from House MD
  57. Aerith's Theme (Orchestra)
  58. Corona by Minutemen
  59. Title Screen Intro Theme from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
  60. The Saddest piano song ever
  61. Father & Son from Metal Gear Solid 4
  62. Rap Was a Man's Soul...Right? from Gurren Lagann
  63. Blessid Union of Souls by Brother My Brother
  64. You're My Best Friend by Queen
  65. Thunderstruck by AC/DC
  66. The Number of The Beast (Instrumental) by Iron Maiden
  67. Halloween Town from Kingdom Hearts
  68. Spinning, Spinning, Spinning, Spiiii!? from Gurren Lagann
  69. My XXX is The Best in The Universe [Enhanced] from Gurren Lagann The Movie 2
  70. The Fall Act II by The Protomen
  71. The Time Warp by The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  72. Sweet Transvestite by The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  73. Intermission Act II by The Protomen
  74. The Good Doctor Act II by The Protomen
  75. Father of Death Act II by The Protomen
  76. The Hounds Act II by The Protomen
  77. The State Vs. Thomas Light Act II by The Protomen
  78. Give Us The Rope Act II by The Protomen
  79. How The World Fell Under Darkness Act II by The Protomen
  80. Breaking Out Act II by The Protomen
  81. Keep Quiet Act II by The Protomen
  82. Light Up The Night Act II by The Protomen
  83. The Fall Act II by The Protomen
  84. Here Comes The Arm Act II by The Protomen
  85. 1812 Overture (the dramatic part)
  86. Phendrana Drifts from Metroid Prime
  87. Believe in me who believe in you from Gurren Lagann
  88. Happy Xmas (War is Over) by Metal Xmas
  89. Got The Time by Anthrax
  90. Hop Rides Alone by The Protomen
  91. Funeral For A Son by The Protomen
  92. Unrest In The House of Light by The Protomen
  93. The Will Of One by The Protomen
  94. Vengeance by The Protomen
  95. The Stand (Man or Machine) by The Protomen
  96. The Sons Of Fate by The Protomen
  97. Due Vendetta by The Protomen
  98. Lonely Man Theme from The Incredible Hulk
  99. The siege of Madrigal from Halo
  100. Yuusha-oh Tanjou! Grand Glorious Gathering!
  101. Superhero by Tim McMorris
  102. Sunset Horizons from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
  103. Dark Impetus (Mysterious Figure battle theme) from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
  104. Rules of Nature [Instrumental] from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Fracture Edit

  1. In My World by Antherax
  2. Breaking The Law by Motorhead
  3. Hell Bent for Leather by Judas Priest
  4. Buried Alive by Motorhead
  5. Deadly Sinners by 3 Inches of Blood
  6. In the End by Anthrax
  7. Fight 'Em 'Til You Can't by Anthrax
  8. Eulogy by Judas Priest
  9. Stars and Us from Persona 5

Father of the Night Edit

  1. Lon Lon Ranch from Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
  2. A Dark Knight from The Dark Knight
  3. Pokemon Center from Pokemon Black and White
  4. Lulu's Back In Town by Fats Waller
  5. Puttin' On the Ritz by Fred Astaire
  6. Drive Us Bats by Neil Patrick Harris
  7. Corona by Minutemen
  8. Remote Town by Skies of Arcadia
  9. Dark Beast Ganon from Zelda: Twilight Princess
  10. Lapis Philosophorum from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
  11. RISE by Miracle Of Sound
  12. No Surprise by Daughtry
  13. Raging Raven from Metal Gear Solid 4
  15. JOKER'S SONG by Miracle Of Sound
  16. Kemonozume Theme
  17. Dante from FMA
  18. I'm Proud Of You from Mass Effect 3
  19. Justice League Theme

Bros in Equestria's Alternative Edit

  1. The Wet Spots by Texas Annie
  2. Groose's Theme from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
  3. Dragonblight Night Music

Helios Edit

  1. My Sick Piano from Sinister
  2. Touch by Stan Bush
  3. Sunshine Of Your Love by Cream
  4. The Promised Land from Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children
  5. Smooth Jazz Sensual Saxo relaxing piano music
  6. Man, Traveling Sure Takes it Out of You from Gurren Lagann
  7. Estancia from Red Dead Redemption
  8. Black Betty by Spiderbait
  9. Cloud Smiles from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
  10. Stormwind from WoW
  11. With Your XXX, the Heavens from Gurren Lagann
  12. Bouga from Belsunce Breakdown
  13. Morning Mood
  14. Come Little Children
  15. High Speed Dirt by Megadeth
  16. Deshi Basara from The Dark Knight Rises
  17. Night Crawler by Judas Priest
  18. Zora's Domain from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Flanking Maneuvers Edit

  1. Kiss With A Fist by Florence and the Machine ( The Story's Main Intro )
  2. Ugly Baby Synched with Pictures
  3. A Whole New World from Aladdin
  4. Friends on the Other Side from The Princess & the Frog
  5. I'm So Ronery from Team America
  6. Bad Reputation by Joan Jett
  7. If I Didn't Have You by Tim Minchin
  8. Winter Wrap Up
  9. Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen
  10. Toxic Love
  11. Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast
  12. No Children by The Mountain Goats
  13. The Masochism Tango by Tom Lehrer
  14. Stuck with you by Voltaire
  15. Allegretto
  16. Through The Fire and Flames by Vitamin String Quartet ( Dragonforce Cover )
  17. Here Comes The Sun by The Beetles ( Piano Instrumental ) ( It appears Twice )
  18. Like A Boss ( Uncensored Version )
  19. When You Wish Upon A Star by Jackie Evancho and Tony Bennett
  20. I Believe in a thing called love by The Darkness
  21. The Hunter from Metal Gear Solid 4
  22. Nuclear by Mike Oldfield
  23. Sins of the Father by Donna Burke
  24. Way To Fall from Metal Gear Solid 3

Alicorn of Music: Reliving the Childhood Edit

  1. Lupus Dei by Powerwolf
  2. Armata Strigoi by Powerwolf
  3. Raise Your Fist, Evangelist by Powerwolf
  4. Through The Fire and Flames by Dragonforce ( Acoustic Cover )
  5. Headless Cross by Powerwolf
  6. Conquistadores by Powerwolf
  7. Where Angels Fall by Lux Aeterna
  8. Davy Jone's theme church organ from Pirates of the Caribbean
  9. Infestissumam by Ghost ( Medley Part 1 )
  10. Infestissumam by Ghost ( Medley Part 2 )
  11. Ghuleh/Zombie Queen by Ghost
  12. Rachmaninoff

Horse La Horse: Season 1 Edit

  1. Take on me by Reel Big Fish
  2. Running in The 90's from Initial D
  3. Crawling In My Hill Zone [ Extended ]
  4. Silver Surfer Level 1 Music
  5. Help Me To Say Goodbye by Casanova
  6. Gotta Get The Cash by Doujah Raze
  7. Gene's Rock A Bye from God Hand
  8. Antenna Cradle, Janus Base, Cuba from Goldeneye 007 (N64)
  9. Galicia Knight from Kirby's Return to Dream Land
  10. Lock & Load from Devil May Cry
  11. The New Legend from Soul Calibur III
  12. Food Battle Start! from Shokugeki no Soma
  13. Twister from The World Ends With You
  14. Veiled in Black [Nifiheim Arrange] from Final Fantasy XV

Horse La Horse: Season 2 Edit

  1. LISA LISA from Jojo's Bizarre Adventures
  2. Sexualizer by Perturbatior Feat. Flash Arnold
  3. Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans from Undertale
  4. Pursuit, Cornered from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
  5. Mama Said Knock You Out ( Instrumental ) by LL Cool J
  6. CANDY CANDY by Gumi Vocaloid
  7. Ready! by Takane, Makoto, Hibiki, Ami, Mami
  8. Philistine ( Japanese Version ) from No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle
  9. Shin Megami Tensei Boss Battle

The Life of a Wanted Changeling Edit

  1. Gonna Fly Now by Bill Conti
  2. Disaster! from Simcity
  3. Smile Song (Remix)
  4. The Undertaker's Theme
  5. Skyrim: The Song of the Dragonborn
  6. Epic Music Mix Of Darkness II
  7. Blazing Saddles Theme Song
  8. (PMV) Fluttershy's Lamet
  9. You gotta share by Pinkie Pie
  10. Savages from Pocahontas
  11. Don't trust them new **** over there by Uncle Ruckus
  12. Time Eater (Modern) from Sonic Generation
  13. Space Core Remix ( Gotta Go To Space! )
  14. In the Hall of the Mountain King by Grieg
  15. Poets of the Fall from Alan Wake's American Nightmare
  16. Waking The Demon by Bullet For My Valentine
  17. Be Prepared from The Lion King
  18. Built to fall by Trivium
  19. Girl On Fire by Alicia Keys
  20. Disco Inferno by The Trammps
  21. Skyrim:The Song of the Dragonborn ( This song appears twice )
  22. Sick Of It by Skillet
  23. Don't Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin
  24. Camelot Knights of the Round Table from Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  25. The Ballroom Blitz by The Sweet
  26. Monster by Skillet

The Life of a Wanted Changeling Season 2 Edit

  1. Here It Goes Again by OK Go
  2. Chocolate Rain by Tay Zonday
  3. They're Coming To Take Me Away
  4. With cat-like tread from Pirates of Penzance
  5. Discords Chaos Song
  6. Monster by Skillet
  7. Baroque Nightmare (Evil Rarity's theme)
  8. The thing that should not be by Metallica
  9. Jimmy Neutron's Theme
  10. You're The Best Around by Joe Esposito
  11. Raise This Barn by Applejack
  12. The Flim Flam Brother Song
  13. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by SKRILLEX
  14. Dentist Song from Little Shop of Horrors
  15. We Will Rock You by Queen
  16. Come On Feel The Noize by Quiet Riot
  17. One by Metallica
  18. Fight Against a Somewhat Stronger Monster from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Star
  19. Yakety Yak Music
  20. Hang the Bastard from Cannibal the Musical
  21. This Is Halloween by Marlyin Manson
  22. The Power Of Love by HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS
  23. Everything Is AWESOME!!!! from The Lego Movie
  24. Jumper by Third Eye Blind
  25. Flash by Queen
  26. Jenny (867-5309) by Tommy Tutone
  27. Rise by Skillet
  28. Turn Down for What by DJ Snake, Lil Jon
  29. Monster by Skillet
  30. Button's Mom
  31. The Mob Song ( Gaston's Plan's Success ) from Beauty and the Beast
  32. Gives You Hell by The All-American Rejects
  33. Kill Everybody by Skillet
  34. It's Terror Time Again from Scooby Doo on Zombie Island
  35. Coming For You (Photos) by The Offspring
  36. Nice weather for Ducks by Lemon Jelly
  37. Hero by I Fight Dragon
  38. Kill Everybody by Skrillex
  39. Blood Gulch Blues from Red vs Blue
  40. Slaughter Your World from Looking For Group
  41. Boom Clap by Charli XCX
  42. Mortal Kombat Theme
  43. Greatest Battle Music Of All Times: The Final Battle
  44. Haunted by Shirk
  45. I am the Doctor

Life of a Wanted Changeling Season 3 Edit

  1. Fly Like An Eagle by Steve Miller Band
  2. Sent Here for a Reason from Man of Steel
  3. Make It Burn Dem from Far Cry 3
  4. Ghostbusters (PMV)
  5. Rainbow In The Dark by Dio
  6. Metal Gear Solid 4 Music: Encounter 2008
  7. Ashes And Ghost from Silent Hill 2 OST
  8. Feel So Numb by Rob Zombie
  9. There Was A Hole Here from Silent Hill 2
  10. Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2
  11. The Hamsterdance Song
  12. Nightmare by AVENGED SEVENFOLD
  13. I Don't Wanna Stop by Ozzy Osbourne
  14. Song of Storm from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  15. Megalovania from Undertale OST
  16. Jekyll and Hyde by Five Finger Death Punch
  17. Fire by Arthur Brown
  18. Zero the Chase-Master from Sonic Adventure
  19. Pyramid Head Fight Theme from Silent Hill 2
  20. Reasons for a Decade by Project Alcazar
  21. Rozen Maiden Traumend OP
  22. Thousand Knocks from Dangan Ronpa
  23. Attack on Titan Opening Theme
  24. Madhouse by Anthrax
  25. Raze This Barn (Death Metal Parody)
  26. The Happy Song by Poets of the Fall
  27. I Am The Walrus by The Beatles
  28. 1812 Overture
  29. Stuck In The Middle With You by Stealers Wheel
  30. Gimme Chocolate by BABYMETAL
  31. Nice weather for Ducks by Lemon Jelly
  32. Dragula by Rob Zombie
  33. Fallen Angel by Three Days Grace
  34. Dawn Of The Final Day from Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
  35. Do You Hear The People Sing by Les Mis
  36. Montage from Team America
  37. Are You Ready For This by Jock Jams
  38. Thomas The Tank Engine
  39. I'm the Bad Guy from Wander over Yonder
  40. Minigame 1 from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
  41. You are a Pirate by Alestorm
  42. Coming for You by The Offspring
  43. Encounter from Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  44. Airship Theme from Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  45. SAVE the World from Undertale
  46. Battlefield from Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  47. Rage Awakend from Kingdom Hearts HD 2.3 Remix
  48. Fire by Scooter
  49. You're Not Alone from Final Fantasy IX
  50. Robocop Theme Song
  51. Super Best Friends SKELETON BALL Remix
  52. Naruto Akatsuki Theme Extended Deluxe
  53. Bipolar Nightmare ( Vocals ) from NieR: Automata

Rock Out Edit

  1. Sing This Song by At Vance
  2. Live and Learn by Crush 40
  3. The Art of War by Sabaton
  4. Welcome To Ponyville Song
  5. Party Hard by Andrew W.K
  6. Dragonball Z Opening 3
  7. Anthropology
  8. Only Human by At Vance
  9. Working Man by Rush
  10. Mortal Kombat Theme
  11. Metal Ripper by Sabaton
  12. Diamond Dogs by Eurobeat
  14. The Gods Made Heavy Metal by Sabaton
  15. Beat It by Micheal Jackson
  17. Master Exploder by Tenaious D
  18. Tricks Up My Sleeve by Trixie and The Illusionist
  19. Gratitude by Beastie Boys
  20. Any Way You Want It by Journey
  21. I'm A Hex Girl from Scooby Doo and The Witch's Ghost
  22. Welcome To The Jungle by Guns 'N' Roses
  23. Life? by Napalm Death
  24. Fear of the Dark by Van Canto
  25. Galactus' Theme from Marvel Vs Capcom 3
  26. Heroes by Masterplan
  27. Toxic Love from FernGully
  28. In the Dark of the Night by King Sombra
  29. Jaws Theme
  30. Rock of Ages by Def Leppard
  31. Fly by Blind Guardian
  32. Heroes Of Our Time by Dragonforce
  33. Rebellion in Dreamland by Gamma Ray
  35. Under Our Spell Remix by The Dazzlings
  36. 20 Percent Cooler
  37. This Day Aria Remix
  38. Discord by Eurobeat
  39. Power Rangers Movie Theme
  40. Neverending Strife by H8-Seed
  41. The Essence of Silence by Epica
  42. Through The Fire and Fillies
  43. God Gave Rock And Roll To You by Kiss
  44. The Trooper by Iron Maiden
  45. Elan by Nightwish
  46. Cinderblox by Sonata Arctica
  47. Fantasmic by Nightwish
  48. Berzerk by Eminem
  49. Presto by Rush
  50. Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy Me by Tata Young
  51. Bad For Your Body by Deap Vally
  52. CaramellDansen
  53. Carnival Cat vs Ponyville Song

Changeling See, Changeling D'OH Edit

  1. Everything is Honey from Winnie the Pooh
  2. Pitfall by Timber ft. Kesha
  3. Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top
  4. Darkwing Duck's Theme
  5. Powderpuff Girls' Theme
  6. MacGyver's Theme
  7. Sledge Hammer!
  8. Hit Baby One More Time by Britney Spears

The Life of a Wanted Changeling Season 4 Edit

  1. How To Be A Human by Powerman 5000
  2. When Worlds Collide by Powerman 5000
  3. Breaking The Habit by Linkin Park
  4. You're Gonna Go Far kid by The Offsprings
  5. The Three Caballeros Theme
  6. Walk Like an Egyptian por The Bengals from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
  7. Fire by The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown
  8. Flamethrone Legacy by JYC Row & Woodlore
  9. Smiling Faces Sometimes by The Undisputed Truth
  10. In Our Town ( The Cutie Map )
  11. Hey Now by Buddha Belly
  12. Slender Man dances for 20 Dollars
  13. Deadly Premonition ( Whistle Theme )
  14. Dhoom Tap from Dhoom
  15. U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer
  16. Isle Of Dreams from Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams
  17. Rats by Ghost
  18. The Heavy Metal CHICKEN DANCE
  19. Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson
  20. Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)
  21. Coco Bongo from The Mask
  22. Believe in Yourself (String Version) from Dragon Ball Super

Love Bug Edit

  1. Fly Me to the Moon by Jenny (Evangelion ED)
  2. Killer Queen by Queen
  3. I'm Still standing by Elton John

Dadonequus Discord Edit

  1. Never Let Up! from Mario and Luigi: Dream Team
  2. Torched song from L.A. Noire
  3. Discord (Remix) by Eurobeat Brony
  4. Treasure Trove Cove from Banjo-Kazooie
  5. Pirates of The Caribbean Song
  6. Klomp's Romp Music from Donkey Kong Country 2
  7. Yo Ho A Pirates Life For Me from Pirates Of The Caribbean
  8. Professional Pirate from Muppet Treasure Island
  9. Strobe by Deadmau5
  10. Stay With Me by Vitamin String Quartet
  11. Animals (Original Mix ) by Martin Garrix
  12. La Bamba by Los Lobos

Prose Equus Edit

  1. Lament of the Highborne
  2. Out of The Dark from Evangelion 3.0
  3. The Ice Forest from Too Human
  4. Invidia from Final Fantasy XV
  5. Dante Theme from FullMetal Alchemist

Daring Do and The "Hero Colt" Anon ( Dadonequus Discord ) Edit

  1. Peach's Castle from Super Mario 64