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ImperiusDictatio is a writer for Anonymous in Equestria who hails originally from /tg/. He lurked sporadically during the Rainbro and Flutterrapist threads and incresingly often since the first thread. He posted his first story in the threads on May 17th, 2012. He cites Sorcerer-Anon's Thousand Son in Equestria as his inspiration for joing the thread as a writer. He started out as a niche writer for the 40K fans in the thread, but has since moved away from Warhammer.

He started writing before the AiE threads with several stories on, as well as anonymously writefagging on /tg/ every so often.


Emperor's Child in EquestriaEdit

Imperius's first story in the thread, this followed the adventures of a Slaaneshi Noise Marine from the Warhammer 40K universe. Has since been discontinued.

Pony SnugglesEdit

A short collection of one-to-three-post stories about Anon snuggling various ponies. The list of ponies snuggled so far includes Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Nightmare Moon, Sweetie Belle, Ditzy Doo, and Trixie.

Various Requests by AetherEdit

Over the threads Imperius has written three requests from Aether so far:


Unable to come up with a name for it, Imperius named it based on the nature of the request. It follows the story of Anon having to choose between Lyra and Twilight Sparkle and features several alternate endings.

The Road to HellEdit

Follows the story of the newly arrived Anonymous. Princess Celestia asks him for permission to look at his memories to assess whether he's dangerous or not. He agrees, but it turns out he's heavily resistant to magic and Celestia's spell has a disasterous effect on his body. Horrified by what she's done, Celestia spends the story trying to make it up to Anonymous, each atempt serving only to further injure him and only increase his fear of her.

The Mighty Ride of the FirelordEdit

When the royal sisters learn of a monster ravaging the land and burning a path towards Canterlot, Luna, fed up with the inaction of her sister, sets out to fight it herself. She arrives to find Firelord Anonymous on his warpath, but when she confronts him he refuses to fight her, claiming to only want to do battle with Celestia to prove his fire is stronger than hers. As Luna follows him across Equestria trying to convince him to stop, she falters when he reveals that, while he hates the sun, he has nothing but reverence for the moon.

Curse My Name: An Evil Overlord in EquestriaEdit

An evil overlord is banished from his world, his destination being Equestria's moon. There he encounters Nightmare Moon who he realizes is the worst villain he's ever met. When she reveals that her own banishment is nearly over and offers to take him with her, he decides that teaching her how to be a proper villain is a small price to pay for skipping a thousand years of isolation. Work in progress.