Anon in Equestria was first created on March 10th, 2012, after many different threads on the /mlp/ board of 4Chan involving similar situations combined themselves. These threads were known by their name, which devulged their subject matter:

  • Flutter-rapist, where Fluttershy had a fetish for humans, due to their different nature compared to ponies, and would never succeed
  • Fetishy, a branch-off of Flutter-rapist where rather than try to rape the Anon, she would instead try different antics to try and "guess" the Anon's fetish, with usually fruitless results
  • Applerapist, where Applejack is the focused character instead and is much more successful in her rape attempts towards the Anon
  • Rapebow Dash, which eventually evolved into the Rain-bro Dash threads where Rainbow Dash, rather than try and rape you, would instead defend you during the rape attempts of Fluttershy and Applejack. She would later show a kind of tsundere-esque quality near the end of the story.
  • Rainbro Dash, was usually about Rainbow Dash helping Anon in various situations. In the end of the threads the stories usually got longer and end up with Rainbro having a secret crush on Anon.
  • "Awkward Life", which was a series of one-shot stories of a normal Anon's life in Equestria, interacting with varying ponies with no distinct pattern of behavior for ponies.

The popularity of the threads at that time wasn't that high and the threads were often slow, sometimes even dying (not reaching thread bumplimit).

The first Anon In Equestria thread was made by AnonInEquestria (back then without a trip) to combine the threads and gain popularity by allowing more alternatives, because of the name "Anon In Equestria" it allowed to bring other ponies into the stories just like Rarity, Twilight and various background Ponies. Due to the more alternatives and options the Threads fast gained popularity and more writers.