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fitanon is an old writer in the AiE community on 4chan. He began writing in the proto-AiE threads, specifically the Rainbro threads, and was one of the few authors to actually write a story in which there is romantic closure for the cyan pegasus. This took place between March 10th and the 13th, 2012 when he created his pastebin and posted his story.

After a brief hiatus, fitanon returned and began writing more parts of his first story 'Rainbro Dashie', expanding into the threat of estrus in equestria for poor anonymous.

After yet ANOTHER hiatus, fitanon returned and has been regularly active ever since, though the same cannot be said for his updates. He has since expanded into focusing on other ponies in his new stories.



Rainbro DashieEdit

Starting as a 37 long post one-shot in the Rainbro threads, this is fitanon's first story. It follows the usual formula of a Rainbro fic; Anon and Rainbow are friends, and Anon is utterly oblivious to Rainbow's feelings for him. Anon has been in Equestria for a while, and is work-out buddies with Rainbow Dash. This aspect of their relationship would shape much of their interaction within the story as well as provide fitanon himself the basis for his identity. This story however was one of the first to deviate from the norm and actually provide romantic closure for Anon and Rainbow.

It has since been continued, expanding into a new arc in which Anon and Rainbow, now a couple, escape the country to flee estrus. It can be found on his pastebin.

Green-eyed GirlEdit

fitanon's first foray into focusing on different ponies, specifically Applejack. The story starts off a bit differently, with Anon and Applejack already having an established romantic tension between them. Anon lives with the Apple family on the farm, and works the fields with them earning his keep. Green-eyed girl also differs in that Applejack and Rainbow's roles have been reversed, with Rainbow taking the moniker of 'Rapebow' Dash and Applejack defending him. This story can also be found on his pastebin.

Jackass in EquestriaEdit

Pure idiocy. This story, a collection of one-shots with loose continuity, started as a collaborative idea with Mandroid in the skype AiE chat. It focuses on the exploits of 'Danger-Anon', with the aid of Rainbow, Applejack, Pinkie, and Fluttershy, and his attempts at Equestrian fame through video-taped dangerous and disgusting stunts. Also on Pastebin.

Study BuddiesEdit

fitanon's newest story, this one centering on Twilight. Anon, orphaned as an infant and studying theoretical physics, is brought to Equestria as the result of a trans-universal summoning spell cast by Twilight. This story is different from his others as it hints to Anon having a preexisting connection to Equestria, and also promises to be much grander in scope and length than his other works. Part 1 alone weighed in at 96 posts, and took the better part of a few weeks and a hiatus to write. Again, pastebin.


"Don't start shit."

fitanon tries to stay in the good graces of all his fellow writers, though he is admittedly on very good terms with Mandroid, Sorcerer-Anon, Mage-Anon, PaleNarrator, Minto, and other skype goers.