Equestrian Breaker
Burning White Temporal Rifts. Common occurrences when you're breaking Equestria.


Equestrian Breaker


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Snippets, One-Shots, and Continuing Stories.

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Equestrian Breaker is a primordial writer, starting his work in "The Awkward Life in Equestria" thread on March 5th, 2012. His initial work consisted of quick snippet, comedic stories, then expanded to short story form. His current work is "Ageless", an ongoing story of adventure/mystery as Anon learns of humanity's intriguing role in Equestria.


Equestrian Breaker is best known for starting the "Burning White Temporal Rift" trope, wherein said rift opens in Equestria and begins engulfing the surrounding area while throwing something out of itself. The rift is generally caused by a paradox involving inconsistencies with Human and Equestrian worlds, and will throw thousands of the missing object into Equestria. Sub-tropes involve things acting differently in a sudden realization of logic, such as Pegasi falling from the sky when they realise they don't have hollow bones, or toilets instantly vanishing when someone realises no one has expectory organs in Equestria.

The short post list which started this trope, Equestrian Breaker, is where EqB derived his moniker.


Equestrian Breaker, a short list of comedic tales.

Equestrian Tag, a short story involving Equestria's oldest game.

Moon's Favor, a short story involving Canterlot royalty and a special festival.

The Funny Bin, the posting spot for random one post one-shots as they occur.

Various other short stories and poems available at: .

Works in Progress

Ageless, a story focusing on Anon as he aids Twilight in the Canterlot Grand Library. Through inspection and accident, one of the deepests secrets in Equestrian history will be revealed, and Anon will be left with humanity's most important choice yet.

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