De Shizz
De Shizz as represented by his OC, who shares the Same name.






De Shizz Started out by reading and lurking in the early RainBro Dash Threads, and was lucky enough to have lurked the first ever thread. From there on, He decided he should contribute, and submitted his first story on the 12th of March 2012, titled "Cupcakes, The Movie". While short and badly written, it recieved some praise, and De Shizz began writing more stories.

De Shizz lives in South Africa, making it difficult for him to interact with the community (As most community members are located in America).

Major WorksEdit

Unlike most other authors, De Shizz currently has no Recurring Story franchises or serieses. His stories are longer than traditional one-shots, yet are complete (usually) when published.

The FestivalEdit

His notable works include "The Festival", a story about a three day music festival that takes place in Equestria. It has Recieved praise from many anons and authors alike, some even being moved to the point of tears by Its ending.

It once held the position of Longest single story ever written, however this was quickly lost due to the popularity of Serieses and "Continually Updating Stories" becoming the Dominant form of writng in AiE.

A Sequel is rumored to exist.

Other WorksEdit

Other works include "Spike, The Player". Two unfinished Works are also published in part on his Pastebin.

Minor WorksEdit

De Shizz has contributed a number of comedic shorts (Which were poorly written for comedic effect). these include a series of Shorts revolving around Silver Spoon's Attempt to rape Anon (The Adventures Of Silver Spoon) and a two-part short named "Lyra's Documentary".

Shizz also attempted to create a Story Franchise named "Relationshy" In which anon tried to help Fluttershy learn basic social skills in order to find her a ColtFriend. The Series is currently inactive, although may be re-instated in the future.

Relationship With FluttershyEdit

De Shizz Claims his favourite pony to be Fluttershy, leading to some (Highly NSFW and at times comedic) Shipfics between them. These include:

  • DeShizz X Fluttershy
  • DeShizz X Futashy (A Collaboration with Scooter, as well as being highly NSFW)
  • DeShizz X Teenshy
  • ShizzColt X MILFShy/Oldshy/Matureshy


De Shizz is almost constantly on hiatus, and has been since May 2012. He is not detached from the community completely, and usually lurks or posts in threads. however, he may be absent for extended periods (up to two months) at times. His work is therefore seasonal.

His current Hiatus is expected to end around December 2012. well that failed miserably.


Most of De Shizz's Stories follow some loose form of continuity. His early works were largely based on previous concepts made standard by Aether and Dashisbestpone.

While the continuity is present, a knowledge of previous stories may better help readers undertstand why certain things (Such as Anon's Relationship with Rainbow Dash) are accepted right from the outset of a new story.

However, this is not required, as most of these canonical standards can be picked up on by readers while reading, and at most, passing references are made to previous events.

De Shizz occasionally breaks this continuity, usually in comedic shorts.

Other WorksEdit

Aside From writing, Shizz has a youtube channel in which he posts promotional video's for major stories and story franchises, or any other AiE related content.