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Creeper Jones is not Anonymous.

About Creeper Jones==

Creeper Jones was an old mascot character and a now retired author found in AiE threads. He was best known as the producer of the 'Sketch Artist Anon in Equestria' series along with several other one-shot based series.

Sketch Artist AnonEdit

The PremiseEdit

Sketch Artist Anon in Equestria is based off of the following concepts: "What if humans are myths in their world, like Unicorns and Pegasi our in ours?" and "What if ponies knew how dangerous humans were?" These two questions, though simple in wording, can get very deep when you think about it too much, and it was exactly why SAAiE worked so well. Everything practically wrote itself, and worked very naturally.


Sketch Artist Anon was fabricated well before the development of the mainstream Anon in Equestria series. Sketch Artist Anon roots back to an MLP /co/ thread of early 2011. A situational thread was made involving being sent to Equestria and seeking Twilight for help, the only options available were to either be sent back to Earth as an Earth pony (similar to their structure.) via Twilight's magic, or to remain in Equestria as the world's only human. Creeper Jones, being the depressing douchebag he was, and to a lesser extent still is, replied with a non-answer involving actually dying before ever reaching Twilight for help. Here's an idea of how it went.

"I don't even think I'll be able to make it to Twilight. It'll probably go a bit more like this:

>I show up in Equestria.

>Everypony's hiding in their houses for some reason.

>It's like Zecora in 'Bridle Gossip'.

>Something bad must be happening.

>Run to Twilight for help.


>Suddenly somepony yells "HEY!" from behind.

>Turn around to see who it is.

>Dash's hooves collide with my face.

>My jaw's broken.

>I fall to the ground.

>I begin to cough up blood.


>I suddenly remember, I'm human: I destroy everything in my path, I cause war, and I'm on the top of the food chain. The thing the ponies were hiding from...was me.

>As blood spreads across the ground and things go dark, the last thing I think is, "Maybe if I went to Fluttershy, she would've accepted a monster like me."


Creeper Jones was inspired by this, and believed this would've made an interesting story, but his strict policy of NOT writing fan-fiction prevented him from developing it into anything. As the Anon stories became more popular though, he finally decided to begin work on the series in March of 2012, before someone else comes up with a similar enough series and ruins his potential good times. On April 29th of 2012, he actually gained enough courage to post it...the reception was decent with the premise being viewed favorably, but the writing having slightly negative views due to not originally being in green text, and (after a few more chapters) the entire story being in first person rather than the practically standard second person. Issue A was half-solved immediately, with all threads being in greentext, but all pastebin installments having a script based setup to work with how the greentext was established. Issue B was small at the time, so the series never transitioned to 2nd person, causing what was a small issue to grow into an autistically large one as AiE grew more popular. The series as a whole, is still viewed positively though.

Transitional changes from short story to an entire series.Edit

  • Anon wakes up outside in the plains outside of Ponyville.
  • The town's engulfed in fog for dramatic purpose (and to remove the towns appeal so he wouldn't walk in their direction).
  • Anon doesn't realize why the ponies fear him. (It's explained after the pilot chapter.)
  • Rainbow Dash doesn't kill Anon, but rather, injures him and leaves him unconscious.
  • Fluttershy saves Anon from death and becomes his care giver. (In order to actually continue the series)


  • Unlike many AiE stories, Anon's perspective has not been changed after arriving in Equestria. The world around him is just as vivid, detailed, and three dimensional as it would be in his world. The world still retains it's curvy and smooth appearence though.
  • Also, unlike the average AiE story, Anon does in fact know about the show. It's probably his most stand-outish feature.


  • When Anon was designed, a primary goal was to give him an identity, but still keep him anonymous. Because of this, Anon's head is never depicted in official artwork.
  • Anon currently has three designs, "dark wear", "formal wear", and "shindigger's wear".

Dark wear (original clothing): Black windbreaker, very dark grey jeans, grey t-shirt.

Formal wear (created by Rarity): Heavily striped dark blue satin suspender pants, red Victorian cotton dress shirt. The thigh area of the suspenders feature Rarity's cutie mark, and the shirt features a golden thread outline of her mark on the back, along with decorative but useless buttons.

Shindigger's wear (created by Rarity): Dark brown cotton suspenders, white cotton dress shirt, bright red bow tie, dark brown bowler hat. The thigh area of the suspenders along with the side of the bowler hat feature Rarity's cutie mark. The shirt features decorative useless buttons that are white with black rims.

Consistent features between both outfits are his wrist watch, brogue shoes, and his undergarments.

Anon and The Mane SixEdit

  • Anonymous - The Anon of this series, is an above average /mlp/ user who's the very definition of an artsy hipster. His main talent lies in sketch work, but he also posseses a smooth tounge, solid talent in other medias of 'art', and a fairly decent knowledge of both his and their world. His intellect is mostly patch-work though. He's smart in some aspects, but not so much in others. Anon's major belief is that any situation can be solved through words, and his deceptive nature has gotten him through good times and bad. That doesn't mean he can't fight though, he merely sees it as a last resort. He begins the series as one of the most feared creatures in Equestria.
  • Rainbow 'Danger' Dash - The first pony Anon ever met, also his first enemy. As the element of loyalty, Dash selflessly decided to put herself in danger by facing Anon when she thought he was attacking the town on the first day. In reality however, Anon was no threat and she almost killed him. Things have been...sort of, patched up since that day, but it doesn't seem right to call them 'friends'. Let's just call Yeah...that's a good word.
  • Fluttershy - The second pony Anon met. After almost dying at the hooves of Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy took the responsibility of taking him home, and having him healed, because if she didn't, nobody else would. She begins the series as the only pony who can see the inner good in Anon. Fluttershy's relationship with Anon remains very ambiguous.
  • Twilight Sparkle - Neutral ally to Anonymous. Twilight wasn't really sure how dangerous Anonymous was, but in reality, it didn't matter. The world's only historically recorded human in existence, living in her friends house!? This was research that she simply couldn't resist. Anon is now her encyclopedia.
  • Rarity - Would you be willing to hide how terrified you were of someone for the sake of preserving your self-image. Rarity certainly did, and if your answer was no, you clearly have no manners, and you are a terrible person. Anon only met Rarity due to his need of alternate clothing, and since that day, things have been getting steadily better. Maybe one day, Rarity will even be able to look Anon in the eyes without fear.
  • Pinkie Pie - Pinkie very easily follows and condones in propaganda, and mass hysteria...don't lie to yourself, it's canon fact. Luckily, after a week of hiding with the Cakes, Pinkie eventually realized that Anon's not dangerous, and quickly became his friend. This is good for Anon, as Pinkie's easily his favorite pony. He really, REALLY, likes her in a completely plutonic way, and the feeling seems greatly shared by Pinkie. Good for them.
  • Apple Jack - Due to a certain situation with Apple Bloom (read Day Five), it seemed like Apple Jack would hate Anon just as much (if not more) than Dash, but surprisingly, Apple Jack's completely fine with Anon...he thinks. AJ's still AJ, simple as that.

Arc ListEdit

Introductory Arc, Days One through Nine - Nine Chapters.

The Canterlot Arc, Days Nine through Thirteen plus Twenty - Eight Chapters.

The return of Anon Arc, Days Twenty-One though Thirty-Three - Seventeen Chapters.

The Retrospective Arc, Days Thirty-Three through Fourty Four - Fourteen Chapters.

Thread 500 and the three new series.Edit

In celebration of thread 500, three one-shot based series were created; Aussie Anon, Disaster Anon, and Anon Quest.

Aussie AnonEdit

Take Bear Grylls, Saxton Hale and the Crocodile Hunter, sprinkle as many Australian stereotypes as possible, and add a British wife, and you have Aussie Anon. This Anon is one of the most intentionally overpowered survival experts around with an almost god-like dominance over animals, sharpened senses, key instinct, Olympian strength and amazing tenacity. His wife, not so much, but she's still a very capable explorer, marksmen, and has something he sorely lacks; common sense and social competence. Due to a cursed Aztec artifact (or something like that), they both arrived at Equestriain the Everfree Forest, which Anon was quickly able to make his home. Since then it has been Anon's ultimate goal to survive this harsh new environment, learn of these new species, and eventually escape to tell the world of his findings. Aside from this, the series also revolves around the Crusasder's plans to capture Anon, his misadventures with Scootaloo the technical slave, and Rarity's never ending quest to make him a gentlemen. That mare is clearly delusional.

Disaster AnonEdit

There are currently two versions of this series, the G4 series based off of the original one shot, and the G1 origin series currently happening.

G4 summary.

What does, Gak, Floam, Socks, and Mom's Spaghetti have in common. They're all disasters that have shaken the foundation of Equestria. Disaster Anon takes an Anon that graduated with a master's degree in 'Ambiguous Science', and throws him into Equestria to deal with keeping Equestria safe from (you guessed it) disasters. Some are tiny, some are monstrous, but if it can, or will become a disaster, Anon shall deal with it with his trusty superior, Twilight Sparkle.

G1 summary.

After a horrible case of mistaken identity, Anon, a genius with a masters degree in "ambiguous science," found himself trapped in the position of his landlord, Megan Williams, handling her old responsibilities in the most unbelievable land he could've ever imagined; Dreamland; a land of magic, talking ponies, and never ending pink. With a world so innocent and precious depending on him, he eventually made the decision to stay with the citizens of Dream Valley, and become their ultimate guardian, and with the help of Firefly, Ember, Brights Brightly, and maybe even his housemate Minty, he shall protect everyone from everything including tulpas, creepypasta, and most dangerous of all, the Scruffening. 

Anon QuestEdit

Take two competitive virgins from /tg/, MLP, and a ton of roleplaying, and you got Anon Quest. Heavily inspired off of classic class-based board games with dice and dungeon masters, Anon Quest takes two rivaling brothers; Red Anon and Blue Anon, along with the main six of FiM and has them travel in and out of worlds and stories as they play the deceptively simple board game of 'Heroes Tale'. Just like how games change between playthroughs, over time what the characters portray along with their roles and abilities will change as well. The only consistent role is the Dungeon Master (narrator) who's typically played by veteran player Blue Anon. The leader of the party in the game is also typically done through his younger brother Red Anon who since they don't exist together in this world, is simply referred to as Anon. That's all you need to know, so pick up your lucky ten-sided dice, and get ready for adventure.

SAAiE Series GalleryEdit

IMG1 Delux

Introductory Arc: Associated chapter, Day Nine Part One


"Just...pose. Do whatever, I don'": Associated chapter, Day Ten: Part One.



Canterlot Arc Sketch: Associated chapter, Day Thirteen.


Berry Punch Relaxing.: Associated chapter, Day Twenty-Four, Part Two.


Pinkie Pie(Coaching Uniform Edition): Associate Chapter, Day Twenty-Seven.


Colored by an unknown Anon. 9/7/2012



Feeding the Criiters. Assosiate Chapter: Days Three through Four.

SAAiE Anon -1-3

All SAAiE Anon designs in order of appearence.

SAAiE Anon -1

Anon's Filthy Casual Attire. Associated chapter: Day One

SAAiE Anon -2

Anon's Formal Attire. Associated chapter: Day Seven, Part One.

SAAiE Anon -3

Anon's Shindig Attire. Associated Chapter: Day Twenty Eight


Sketch Artist Anon, Arc Three Sketch.


I hate this with the passion of 1000 suns. Associated chapter:Day Thirty-Four


Diamond Tiara & Silver Spoon. Asoosiate Chapter: Day Twenty Five, part one.


Luna; a fine player of cards. Associate Chapter: Day Forty two.


Anon's Last Sketch: Associate Chapter: Day Forty-four.


Veronica the Tarantula: Associate Chapter, Day Two.

Extra Content GalleryEdit

Thread 300 Gallery

Every Anon from Thread 300.

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Thread 300 Gallery: Heart of Destruction, by Briham.

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IMG Sorcerer Anon

1000 Son, by Sorcerer Anon.


DJ Anon.

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Mage Anon, by MageAnon.

IMG Spaghetti Sparkle

Spaghetti Sparkle, by Betty Spaghetti.

IMG Sketch Artist Anon

S.A.A.i.E., by Creeper Jones.

IMG Peganon

Peganonymous in Equesria, by Peganon.

IMG Bastinator

Anon in Equestria, by Bastinator.

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Trix of the Trade, by Gadget.

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Alicorn in Equestria (Removed from Pastebin), by Irish.

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Change-Anon, by Hinder.

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Language Barrier, by Violin Anon.

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/V/irgin in Equestria, by Cereal Shaman.

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Emperor's Child in Equestria: By Shane (Imperius Dictatio)

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@$$hole in Equestria: By AnIrishNomad.

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Corps-a-Corpse: By Anone Moose.


ZOMBIE ANON:By Shukaku20.

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Iron Anon: Rick Gottried.

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A Daring Adventure: By PonyGone.

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Anon Inc.: By Brotherbear.

IMG2 Request1

Not from a series, but requested by Santa Melón de los Négros.


All four AiE series.

Thread 800 Gallery

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Bonus Anon 2: Femanon (Rat).

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