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Collar is a writer and somewhat a participant of the 4chan /mlp/ threads for Anon in Equestria and in the AiE forums. He is a closet brony, and keeps to himself. When he isn’t eating like a bear, sleeping, working, going to school, blowing off social events with friends/family, training (despite still being a weakling), or mentally berating/nitpicking himself in front of a mirror, he enjoys writing stories for the fanbase/community known as Anon in Equestria on the /mlp/ board of 4chan. He has no professional training or experience as a writer, but still tries to make some contribution to the fandom with his amateurish writing. He also tends to be negative with himself while berating his own pieces of work.

Collar, being an active writer, lurks and posts on the AiE threads. Oddly enough, he has never actually posted a single story from his pastebin collection on any of the AiE threads. This may be due to his irrational and unusual fear of criticism from a bunch of faceless and anonymous users over the internet of whom he will probably never meet in his lifetime. He hopes to one day to overcome his fear and be able to post something and participate actively within these threads while receiving some feedback on his stories even though he believes his works are horribly written. He also tends to bail when deciding to post something if he sees more talented and more popular writers participating within the threads. Because of this, he cries himself to sleep in the fetal position every night. This has yet to be confirmed.

But nonetheless, he enjoys writing for his own amusement.


Almost Human featuring Anon in EquestriaEdit

Warning: Spoilers for the video game: Infamous 1 and Infamous 2 for the Playstation 3!

This story takes place after the “evil” ending after playing Infamous 2. Based around the Playstaion 3 video games: Infamous 1 and Infamous 2.

Anon is a conduit (a being with powers) who was at war with another conduit by the name of Cole Macgrath on earth. He then finds himself one day within Equestria unsure of how he arrived and what happened after “that day.” Within this new peaceful world spared from the horrors of war, mass murdering, and bloodshed, he decides to forget his past and start over with a clean slate as a “human” rather than the monster he sees himself as while developing his own bonds with the other ponies in this new world.

It follows a “traditional” paragraph format for the first few chapters rather than the greentext format of which how the AiE Stories are usually written. At the time of writing this, Collar was still new to the canon and community of Anon in Equestria. Although this was just something that was never meant to be seen by any other set of eyes other than the writer, Collar was glad that he was able to find a community where he can post this story for others to see, whether they like it or not.

Although, this story was never posted in the threads of 4chan and only on his Pastebin account.

Status: Hiatus / On hold

Tough LoveEdit

Fluttershy and Anon share a special relationship with each other as mother and son, even though Anon happens to be a little older than Fluttershy. Despite their parental bond, Fluttershy’s feelings for her “adopted child” start to become misplaced as she begins acting upon her urges while having incestuous tendencies and mixed feelings towards her own son.

This story somewhat goes against the canon of Fluttershy/Flutterape being a cute, timid, and failure of a rapist. Originally a one-shot between Anon and Fluttershy/Flutterrape, the timeline of this story is non-sequential and mainly leads up to the events that take place in the first chapter. The writer also has a story and ending planned out after the events that take place in the first chapter along with the possibilities (I repeat; possibilities, but don’t hold your breath) of alternate endings as well.

Although, this story was never posted in the threads of 4chan and only on his Pastebin account.

Status: Ongoing/Incomplete

Improv (Shitty Shorts)Edit

An idea that Collar seemed to have picked up from other writers by the names of Gadget and Ponygone (he refuses to use the word inspired). This piece of “work” contains short stories that have no association with the other canons of his other works. Everything written here are usually quick and improvised stories which were only meant to help stretch out Collar’s writing legs and overcome his mental blocks.

For reasons unknown, they always end up with Anon being raped by a grown and older Rule 63 Spike/Barb/Spines. Collar himself cannot explain why this phenomenon happens every time he writes or makes any addition to this piece of work.

The stories written here were only published to his pastebin account and never in the threads on 4chan.

Status: Ongoing/Incomplete

Having a BallEdit

The story was requested from Anonymous in one of the AiE threads. Collar was bored out of his mind and decided to do this request as a challenge for his own amusement and as an exercise to stretch out his writing legs. The idea is that Anon had received a ball pit and wanted to share the fun with the rest of the mane six and with some of their younger siblings. But while suggesting his “fun idea” to the mane 6, he does so in a suggestive manner while remaining completely oblivious to his “lewd” insinuations to them. Each of them had their own reactions and unique consequences that followed for Anon.

It was somewhat grueling for Collar to improvise this story right on the spot due to his unusual nature of being a grammar and spelling nazi. Ironically, there were some grammatical and spelling errors within this piece of work. This story is about 2,200 words and 9 pages while following the greentext story format and took about 2-3 hours to complete right on the spot. Because of this piece of work, Collar was able to overcome his insecurities as a writer for the AiE threads and is now trying to become a little more active. After posting this story, it had received some positive feedback. It wasn’t a lot, but it was enough to help him overcome his meaningless fear. He is thankful for the single Anonymous poster that gave him the idea to work on this and help him overcome this barrier, intentional or not. He is also thankful for the user/trip who goes by the name of Bad Speller !6lnGhh02Xc for offering his words to him as well.

Status: Complete

Bittersweet Dreams (Rape/Clop)Edit

After having a long day from work as a freelancer, a cynical Anon retires to his home and decides to rest for the night. Unbeknownst to Anon, a full grown Rule 63 Spike was hiding and waiting for him to arrive home only to indulge in satisfying her unrelenting lust for him.

After having writing so many short stories for the work known as “Improv (shitty shorts),” Collar had finally caved in and wrote a full blown clop story featuring Anon and Rule 63 Spike. Although clop is not Collar’s specialty, it still didn’t stop him from probably messing it up somehow. This story features a lust-crazed and sexually aggressive full grown female Spike and it goes into graphic detail of her letting out her aggressive sexual behavior on a weak and pathetic Anon.

Status: Ongoing/Incomplete