New writefag as of early August 2012. My primay story (as of this posting) is about a worldwide Syndicate based in Manehatten. Anon has a rather serious run-in with them shortly after arriving in Equestria. The story mostly involves Anon making as many friends and allies as he can to help fight back the Syndicate before they do something rash and large-scale. Otherwise Anon will be trying to forge a new life for himself in the process. There may be romance, love, etc. but no clop, mostly because my writing of it would probably give people cancer. Chapter 2 of this story guest-stars Miro , and I have to thank him for allowing me to use his name and an image he drew to create a serious mind-fuck into the story.

I've done a Super Smash Bros. one-shot for fun. It turned out more serious than comical, but there's some funny parts. I'm rather pleased with how it turned out, and I've left a cliffhanger at the end in case anybody wants me to write more. It's on the pastebin as Final Destination: Ponyville.

The first thing I wrote was a fan-made alternate ending to one of my favorite stories so far, Drury Lane, originally written by PaleNarrator . The original ending is far better than mine, but I just wanted to try something with a story I was familiar with. It would also open up to possibly more shenanigans later on in a few years time. I doubt I'll write anything based specifically on that, but we'll see.

Update: September 11th

I have a new story, Unconventional Magic, and the thread just ate it up, so apparently it's good. It's more of a comical story than anything else, but the premise is that Anon has sex with a unicorn and gains some of it's power and knowledge. After this he becomes sex/power craved, and shenanigans ensue.

I'm up to chapter 5 for The Syndicate, but it was going a direction I didn't really like. I'm not sure if I'm just going to continue it and change things up a bit, or what. I don't want to abandon it, but it might sit around for a while.

As for FutureAnon (I still want a different name for that), I still enjoy the idea and where it's at, I just need to think of where to take it next. I will continue it some time!