Anonymous, or "Anon" for short, is the main character of all of the Anon in Equestria stories. He is usually depicted as a male in his early/mid-20s, with slightly-better-than-average intelligence, and enjoying doing physical activities, though these qualities can vary from story to story.

Anon As An Independant CharacterEdit

Almost all AiE stories are written in the 2nd person, as many early stories were supposed to be "Self-Insert" stories (In which the reader himself would take the Place of anon). However, Anon soon developed into a completely independant character, and is usually considered and independant character in stories.

However, due to the 2nd person style of writing, the option for self-inserts is ever-present, and can be decided by the reader.

Anon as 4chan Reader and PosterEdit

This is distinct, of course, from Anonymous as reader, commenter, or even occasionally poster in these threads.  More than a few stories have been created and posted without tripcodes.  Who are these people?  NO ONE KNOWS.

Depictions in StoriesEdit

Early ThreadsEdit

In most early RainBro Dash threads, anon was depicted as an average human American male in his early 20's. He had an obsession with working out and drinking. He was usually intelligent but somewhat naive. He also had strong morals, usually regarding having sex with horses.

Anon in EquestriaEdit

Anon's character was incredibly similar to The anon in RainBro Dash threads during AiE's early days. however, as Time progressed, some authors found the Standard character of anon to be unsuitable for their stories. This resulted in the creation of New Anons, differentiated by their names (e.g SorcAnon and LichAnon).

Most authors will twist anon's personality traits where necessary within reasonable limits.