AIR F-22 Top Desert lg

An F-22, the favorite jet of AirmanAnon. It is somewhat associated with him on /mlp/.


Originally a lurker, AirmanAnon was a simple reader who was lucky to be around in the first AiE thread in March of 2012. It wasn't until April 17th, 2012 (at the insistance of several of his favorite authors) that he wrote the beginning of a series that would be known as My Little Airman.

He is employed in the United States Air Force and stationed in Germany. He won't say where in Germany, nor will he say what he does in the Air Force. This assignment has made his apperances in the AiE threads sporadic, as the difference in time, as well as his ever-changing work schedule, are huge factors of when he lurks.

Major WorkEdit

Unlike most authors, AirmanAnon has only one story, an ongoing series centered around (who else) an airman.

My Little AirmanEdit

His one and only story is about, Anon, who has amnesia who mysteriously wakes up in the Everfree Forest. After fighting his way out, he recieves help from the local ponies, and after visiting Princess Celestia, becomes a citizen of Equestria, and now resides in Ponyville. As his memory starts to return, he discovers how bad his life on Earth was, and he finds himself applying his Air Force training to save Equestria from all enemies. Anon soon finds that although he's the best soldier in Equestria, his skills alone are not enough to save his adopted homeland...

Reception has mostly been postive, with criticism openly welcomed. On several occasions, specific criticism has played a significant part in rewriting parts of a chapter to either correct a discrepancy or to improve the flow of the story.

His pastebin where this story can be found is


AirmanAnon has had plenty of influence from some of his favorite writers, including Aether, AnonAlighieri, Azathoth, RT, Leucine, Shermanator, and Wuten.

Other authors and users, including (but not limited to) De Shizz, Navarone, Minto, and LurkerAnon have also helped and inspired him in his ongoing My Little Airman series.