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Aether started writing early on in the Rainbro threads, and is famously known for his "Spin the Bottle" series, which was the first ever clop story widely accepted by the early threads. He is also known for being the Anonymous poster who spawned the concept of Apple Rapist.

Aether himself, because of this, is known as the "King of Clop" within the Anon in Equestria community, and has accumulated over 110,000 views on his Pastebin since its creation. His stories range widely from action, to clop, to romance, and even grimdark at times.


Spin the BottleEdit

Aether's first majorly popular story, "Spin the Bottle" focuses on an Anonymous who, through a series of birthday-related shenanigans, ends up in an orgy with the Mane 6 and Derpy. The story later moves to Manehattan, where Vinyl Scratch is also caught up in a relationship with him after Rainbow Dash introduces the two to each other.

This story is complete.

Advanced Friendship: Learning is MagicEdit

His second well-known story is "Advanced Friendship: Learning is Magic", or "AFLIM" for short. In this story, Anonymous is put through rigorous physical trials in order to save his friends. The first chapter had a very "Amnesia: The Dark Descent"-esque feel to it, while future chapters moved into a more action-based scene, going up against a tyrannical Celestia and her armies of ponies, whose high-ranking names were the names of writefags themselves.

It has been named to "War Attempt: Read at your own Risk" after receiving a huge amount of negative reviews. Only the first Advanced Friendship retained its original name.

The story reached six chapters, but it has not been declared discontinued, finished or a WIP.

Rainbro on EarthEdit

Aether's third story took a different turn. "Rainbro on Earth" focuses instead on Rainbow Dash coming to Earth and living with a policeman Anonymous, rather than the latter going to Equestria. During Rainbow's stay she comes to learn that Earth is not a very safe place to live. After hearing about Anonymous' past family life, meeting the crazy russian Strelnikov, and having to learn to live life on the run Rainbow is faced with challenges she never thought she'd have to face. The story's genre is mystery-action, with an unknown organization whom has captured Celestia and is using her powers for their own benefit.

This story has been discontinued past chapter four.


"Applerape" follows the classic trope of Applejack being a rapist pony, but goes deeper into the backstory of said behavior. The story has pairings between Anonymous and Pinkie Pie, though these feelings are put in jeopardy after the infamous "Act Three" where Anonymous is put into a coma after a violent rape scene with Applejack. Aether received much disgust and other various forms of feedback in the thread from posting it, and it is widely known with the writers as one of the top-tier feels-inducing moments of the story.

This story is complete.

Z-Week in EquestriaEdit

"Z-Week in Equestria" follows Anonymous in a Z-Virus infested Equestria. His companion, Fluttershy, has been transformed into a zombie, which he refers to in the story as "Zombieshy". This story follows its format by each section being one day in the story.

This story has been discontinued past 'day two'.

Living the Good LifeEdit

Anonymous is an angry random citizen living in the low income housing of Gotham City. He lives his life through his factory work and has to deal with a terrible irresponsible landlord. Anonymous is slowly losing touch with himself and it seems as if his life is doomed to repetition. It isn't until a mysterious stranger known as Discord comes into his life does Anonymous realize that life has a lot more in store for him than even he realizes.

After being transported into Equestria through Discord's means Anonymous sees that the new world he's been brought to is far from the norm. Spring loaded buildings, poker card laden streets, dancing animals, and discorded ponies are some of the many challenges Anonymous now has to face in his new life. With the objective of making friends in mind Anonymous is thrown into a game of Discord's design. Why is Anonymous making friends at Discord's request? What are Discord's motives? Read on and find out.

Aside from these, Aether also has various one-shots that are available on his Pastebin, along with all of the above-mentioned stories.