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When 8th first began writing he went by relatively unnoticed by all, but he kept at it with a dream held firmly in his heart that he'd one day be noticed by his sempai.

8th can be found in the Skype chats or IRC if not through the threads, generally gaying up the place in a pikachu (or Mike Wazowski or Cat or Kangaroo) onesie or doing art/colouring/vectoring in between his disturbing edits of Hugh Jackman  when asked.


8th is mostly known for writing Moonie (Filly Nightmare Moon) and various oneshots, usually involving splice-of-life, romance and/or cuteness. Any series he has attempted or is still writing haven't gone far.


Moonie Shorts A series of short stories involving Anon and Moonie.

Anon meets Moonie Backstory about how Anon and Moonie first meet and he agrees to look after her.

Moonie and the Sun Pt.1 Celestia is transformed into a filly so they turn to the only human in Equestria to help with his mischevious filly villan tagging along.

Moonie and the Sun Pt.2

Moonie and Pinkie The title is pretty self explanatory.

Moonie's new friend Chrysalis has been starved of love, the result has her shrink to the size of a filly.

Nurse Moonie Anon gets sick.

Moonie the Baker It's take your daughter to work day!

The Misadventure of a filly called Nightmare Moon Sir Bearington, Moonie's teddy bear minion, goes missing.

The Nightmare League Moonie writes a bedtime story about three heroes saving the void from the burning light.

Teen Moonie Title says it all. Moonie grows up for once.

Moonie at the Gala Anon and Moonie get an invitation to go to the gala.

The Rush will last Forever Moonie gets a sugar rush, how will Anon survive this relentless nightmare?

Snow Way Out Anon, Pinkie and Moonie get snowed in while working at the Sugar Cube Corner.

And more but I can't be assed listing it all, just go to the pastebin.

BLANK SLATE [<u>Dropped]:</u>

After taking a fall of the Apple family barn, Anon loses his memory. Now Anon must try to remember his past, whether he likes what he remembers or not.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Anon is an assistant to Twilight and one day she discovers an old Starswirl the bearded spell to allow someone to view history. Anon volunteers to be the guinea pig.

Part 1


A human has arrived in Ponyville that the Apples dubbed, "Anonymous." Twilight is worried he might be dangerous. They know nothing about him after all. However, the Apples still treat him like a common pet, until he begins mimicking speech.



Batmare: The Pink Knight Pinkie takes up the mantle of Ponyville's caped crusader. Because she's the hero Ponyville deserves, but not the one it needs right now. She's not a hero. She's a silent guardian, a watchful protector... A pink knight. (God I'm a fucking faggot.)

Bursting the Bubble Bubble Berry invites Anon to watch some movies where he'll finally make a move on the human he's desired for so long. [WARNING: Contains rule 63/Genderswapped ponies.]

Bro Pie Pinkie, being the bro she is, sets Anon up on a date with the captain of the wonderbolts.

Can We Keep Him? Sweetie Belle finds Anon out in the Everfree and takes it upon herself to adopt him, she just needs her sister's permission first. [Originally written to be part of a series but was dropped due to lack of interest.]

Rainbow gives Anon the shits Anon performs odd jobs here and there to make a living. It's barely a living but it's a living. So, what would Anon be willing to do for 70bits?

A Man's Best Friend Due to a mishap with Twilight's spell, Pinkie is given the mind of a dog and Anon is asked to care for the hyperactive fuzzball.

AnonDad Anon arrives in Equestria to discover that he is the adoptive parent of Celestia and Luna.

A Moment of Magic After a magic show gone wrong, Anon guilt trips Trixie into looking after him.

My Humour is Like Food, Not Everyone Gets It A pun about being an alcoholic


So far, 8th has worked on two collabs.

Tales from the Library Sleepover: Volumes I-III A collab with Stegtorn where the girls try telling spooky stories at a sleepover.

Kung Pow: Anon Enter the Fisting A collab with NavaroneBoldingNOF Brony Assassin and a nameless Anon.

The Anon Who Stole Christmas with Stegtorn which is pretty much Grinch Anon with shitty rhymes.